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MONTPELIER, VT - Today Julia Barnes, Vermont Democratic Party Executive Director reacted to the latest misleading release to come out of the VTGOP — “The Vermont GOP is again attempting to paint a gloomy picture of Vermont's economy to serve their political interests.


MONTPELIER, VT - The Vermont Democratic Party is excited to welcome Ben Sarle as their new Director of Communications & Outreach. Starting today, Mr. Sarle will be in charge of VDP’s communications responsibilities including media relations and digital strategy.


"She cared deeply about healthy children and families. She chaired important committees and was fully engaged with her constituents. For me personally, she was a friend and mentor for 25 years. I will miss her and her quiet wisdom.”


"These critics don't get it: our opiate epidemic is perhaps the biggest threat to economic development that we face. It's what will keep us from achieving our goal of going from the fifth lowest unemployment rate in the nation to even lower. Our economic future depends on solving this crisis,” said Deans. “As Governor Shumlin forcefully laid out yesterday, the drug addiction epidemic in Vermont is threatening families, communities, schools, and our economic security. “


"The Governor's bold initiative takes a multifaceted approach by proposing faster and more available treatment, robust prevention, and stronger enforcement. As he pointed out, this crises requires the same kind of non-partisan, immediate action engaging all parts of government as well as the private sector that we employ in other emergencies. We can no longer turn and look the other way as this suffering happens in our communities.”


“As a candidate for GOP Chair, Sunderland and his supporters said he wanted to change the party's direction. Instead, his first act is more of the same approach of using distortion to falsely accuse the governor,” said VDP Executive Director Julia Barnes. “It's clear that Sunderland is either confused about the facts or is intentionally misleading Vermonters. Neither is acceptable.


“We’re incredibly proud of having more towns organized, higher town caucus turnouts, and engaging more Vermonters than ever before,” said Dottie Deans, who was unanimously re-elected as party chair. “This is a credit to our thriving VDP infrastructure and our grassroots activists who helped make it all possible. We have a wonderful team of Democrats who are excited to work together for the 2014 elections and I look forward to another two years of Democratic progress.”


“Bucknam’s plea for civility in public discourse falls flat in the face of reality,” said Dottie Deans, VDP Chair. “Vermonters are not suffering from a crisis of partisan rhetoric. Their suffering, caused by the Tea-Party run national Republicans, is real. Our National Guard can’t purchase fuel or ammunition, about 5,000 federal employees in Vermont have had their hours cut back and are at risk of being furloughed, and small businesses can’t get their loans to move forward. That doesn’t benefit any Vermonter.”


"Brock is right - we're not in Kansas anymore. We’re also not in Washington, D.C. Brock and the national Republicans may be able to scare some people for a short time, but continuing his failed campaign rhetoric falls flat. Vermonters know that our current health care system is unsustainable and broken."

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