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Deja Vu: Phil Scott Peddles GOP Talking Points to Push His Out-of-Touch Agenda



Christina Amestoy, VDP Communications Director


Deja Vu: Phil Scott Peddles GOP Talking Points to Push His Out-of-Touch Agenda


Scott takes page from national Republicans on trickle-down economics, women’s rights, and budget cuts


October 25, 2016


Burlington, VT – Well, he did it again.


During the last televised debate of Vermont’s gubernatorial race, GOP candidate Phil Scott once again relied on canned talking points pulled straight from the pages of the national Republican Party playbook to push his out-of-touch agenda.


As expected, Scott aligned his priorities with his national Republican funders and failed to offer any proof he would stand up for middle class families. Instead, Vermont voters watched as Phil Scott filled the void with excuses we’ve heard from the likes of Donald Trump and Paul Ryan.  


The Replay Reel: Phil Scott’s Top 5 National GOP Highlights:


  1. Phil Scott called his record on women’s reproductive rights and his endorsement by Vermont Right to Life a “wedge issue” and a “distraction”


  1. Phil Scott called the business-backed paid family leave plan a “nonstarter”

  1. Phil Scott - like Donald Trump - pushed his “Penny Plan” to cut critical state spending by $55 million across the board

  1. Phil Scott touted his trickle-down tax plan to give tax-breaks to the wealthy instead of middle class families

  1. Phil Scott remained the only candidate opposed to raising Vermont’s minimum wage



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