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Even Before the First Question, Scott’s Made His National Republican Platform Clear




Christina Amestoy, VDP Communications Director



Even Before the First Question, Scott’s Made His National Republican Platform Clear

October 6, 2016


Burlington, VT  Tonight, Sue Minter and Phil Scott will face off in a televised debate. Even before they answer a single question, the contrast between them has already been drawn.


Phil Scott has repeatedly voiced the same views we’ve heard from Speaker Paul Ryan and the rest of the national Republican Party. His single focus on trickle-down economics leaves behind Vermont families in favor of corporations and the wealthy. And his single dimensional view of Vermont’s economy ignores our diverse economic sectors and the environmental threats facing our businesses and communities.


Phil Scott has repeatedly opposed policies that support a strong middle class. He...

  • that increasing the minimum wage would just “add to the problem.”  [WCAX, 10/5/16]

  • ...was one of only four Senators to vote against a 25 cent minimum wage increase. [S.27, 2007]

  • … called paid sick leave legislation counterproductive to good business. [, 2/4/14]

  • ...said paid sick leave is something that falls into the category of, “we don't need that right now.” [WPTZ, 12/3/15]

  • ...opposes offering free college tuition to Vermont students and offers no plan of his own. [VTDigger, 9/29/16]

  • ...failed to address women’s economic issues, like equal pay or childcare, even once in his 15,000 word plan. [Phil Scott Economic Plan]


Phil Scott supports national Republican trickle-down economic policies and ignores Vermont's diverse economy. He...


Phil Scott's plan to protect Vermont's environment is nonexistent. He...

  • has not once acknowledged the environmental effect on Vermont’s economy, despite the fact that Vermont receives over $1 billion in revenue from tourism driven by our scenic state. [VT Agency of Natural Resources]

  • ....does not have an any material on his website dedicated to environmental issues. [Phil Scott for Governor]  

  • … claimed that climate change could be caused by “many different reasons.” [VT PBS, 7/19/16]

  • … used the line “I’m not a scientist” to excuse his denial - the same excuse used by Rick Scott, Paul Ryan, and Marco Rubio. [Seven Day, 08/24/16]



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