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Few Specifics Paired with National GOP Talking Points Expected from Phil Scott Tonight



Christina Amestoy, VDP Communications Director


Few Specifics Paired with National GOP Talking Points Expected from Phil Scott Tonight

August 22, 2016


Burlington, VT  Tonight will be the first debate between Democratic gubernatorial nominee Sue Minter and her Republican counterpart, Phil Scott. While we would hope that it would be a detailed debate about the issues on both sides, it doesn’t seem likely.  


“Despite being in office for over 15 years and actively campaigning for governor for over eight months, Phil Scott is still unwilling to provide voters with any plans,” said VDP spokesperson, Christina Amestoy. “Instead of proposing detailed solutions to the challenges Vermonters are facing, Scott has stuck with vague platitudes and talking points pulled straight from the national Republican Party’s platform.”


“Tonight will just be more of the same. Scott will claim to stand up for working Vermonters while at the same time refusing to support a minimum wage increase or paid sick leave. He’ll promise to defend the environment but won’t admit climate-change is man made. He’ll say he stands with our LGBTQ community while ignoring the fact that he ran away from them in the dark days after Orlando.”


“Vermonters deserve a candidate who can offer specific solutions that reflect Vermont values rather than simply recycle the same talking points we’ve heard from national Republican leaders like Senator Marco Rubio on the environment, Speaker Paul Ryan on families in need, and Senator Mitch McConnell on the LGBTQ community.”



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