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The Vermont GOP continues to launch misleading attacks designed to tear down Vermont's reputation for political gain. This week, the VTGOP misrepresented the source of an article they cherry picked from the internet in an attempt to gain more credibility for their mistruths. The VTGOP strategy is becoming clear: they want Vermont and Vermonters to do worse so they will do better politically. For them, a failing Vermont where Vermonters struggle is a good thing.

To further their strategy, the Vermont GOP will search far and wide for any bad news they can find to tarnish Vermont's reputation to serve their political ends. It's cynical beyond belief. The Vermont Democratic Party won't let that stand. We won't let our state be burned down by a party that doesn't want this state to succeed. 

Here is some progress we've made since Democrats took over from the disastrous tenure of the VTGOP, which ended in 2011. Democrats are working hard to repair the damage done by the VTGOP, create jobs, and make Vermont more affordable.

Vermont has grown over 11,000 jobs since 2011

The VTGOP denies these numbers even though they are compiled by the Vermont Labor Department and you can see them for yourself here

The number of unemployed Vermonters has fallen by 30% since 2011

In January 2011, there were 21,550 unemployed Vermonters. In December 2014, that number had dropped to 14,950, a decrease of 31%. See the data for youself by clicking here

Vermont companies are hiring

There are over 5,600 open positions on

Vermont's Economic Growth Initiative is working

Just this year, the Vermont Economic Growth Incentive will help Vermont companies create over 550 new jobs with an average yearly salary of more than $50,000.

The state has helped Vermont business do more business with the state

Vermont has helped Vermont businesses achieve in $103 million in government contracts since 2012, a 300% increase.

Vermonters who have gone through the state training program have seen a 10.4% wage increase

The Vermont Training Program helped 2000 Vermonters work to increase their skills in 3014, increasing their wages by an average of 10.4%.