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This Just In: Phil Scott's No Scientist



Christina Amestoy, VDP Communications Director


This Just In: Phil Scott’s No Scientist

August 24, 2016


Burlington, VT  After repeatedly refusing to admit that the majority of climate change is man-made, Phil Scott suddenly had a convenient change of heart during the first general election debate on Monday night.


What led to this drastic change? As Seven Days reports, it was a good old fashion evolution of course.


"Everything I've read since [the forum] has shown me that scientists believe it is man-made, and I believe in science," he clarified to Seven Days Monday afternoon. "So, you know, I evolve, as well. I am not a scientist — and I've never pretended to be." [Seven Day, 08/24/16]


Now I’m no scientist either, but here is what I understand from that quote:

  1. Phil Scott has never read a single study or article quoting a study on climate change before this July, even during his 15 years in public office

  2. Phil Scott believes that you need to be a scientist to digest and retain scientific information - a bachelor's of science degree just doesn’t make the cut

  3. Phil Scott believes in science - but only during a general election, never during a primary


So what’s my hypothesis based on what I’ve observed?


Phil Scott’s campaign is defined by only vague platitudes and positions pulled straight from the national GOP handbook.  


Scott chose to ignore decades of scientific facts to win over the support and funding of the national Republican Party. Now he is trying to crawl his way back to the center to try  and match Vermont values.


At least it sounds like he believes in evolution...for now.



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