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Milne Campaign Acknowledges Violation of Federal Election Law



Christina Amestoy, VDP Communications Director


Milne Campaign Acknowledges Violation of Federal Election Law

October 5, 2016


Burlington, VT  Republican Senate Candidate Scott Milne’s campaign acknowledged Tuesday multiple violations of federal election law. The violations were reported on in a story by Jasper Craven with VTDigger.

Mr. Milne acknowledged using the corporate office of Milne Travel as his campaign office since becoming a candidate in June in violation of federal election laws. He lists the Milne corporate office as his campaign office in papers filed with the FEC and has listed the corporate address on campaign press releases.

The Digger article cited a campaign finance expert saying “if a campaign did not pay fair market value for office space it would constitute an illegal in-kind corporation donation.”  Milne did not deny the violation, saying “[m]ost days that Patchen Road office isn’t being used by the campaign.”

The Milne campaign acknowledged further violations by importing a voter email list into the Milne Travel corporate site.  While Milne campaign manager Elise Milne acknowledged the “oversight,” the campaign made no mention of how they would remedy the situation and insure voter information is not being used for the Milne corporation benefit.

The Digger story also acknowledges past violations of state election law. In 2014, Mr. Milne used the same corporate office for his gubernatorial campaign. Records fail to show reporting of any rent payment or in-kind contribution after September 2014.

Vermont Democrat Party spokesperson Christina Amestoy said: “The VTDigger story on the Milne campaign violation of federal campaign finance laws suggests Mr. Milne either doesn’t understand the law or willfully ignores it.  Vermont voters have a right to expect candidates for the United States Senate to both know and follow the laws.”




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