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Phil Scott’s Definition of “Positive Campaigning” Gets Hazy



Christina Amestoy, VDP Communications Director


Phil Scott’s Definition of “Positive Campaigning” Gets Hazy   

October 19, 2016


Burlington, VT  There has been one consistent theme in Phil Scott’s general and primary campaign: Phil complaining about negative campaigning while promising to take the high road. But Phil’s definition of what is positive campaigning is starting to get murky.


“We’ve heard Phil Scott promise over and over that he won’t go negative  and we’ve heard him lectured those who he believes have,” said Christina Amestoy, VDP spokesperson. “Yet with his campaign staff attacking Sue Minter in the press, his campaign account retweeting posts that insult Minter, and his emails that call his opponents liars and deceitful,  Phil’s definition of “positive” is getting a little fuzzy.”


Maybe it’s time for Phil to clarify whether or not he think these actions are what defines the high road.


What Phil Scott’s campaign says:


I've always run positive campaigns and what I can bring to the table, and not focusing on the supposed shortfalls of my opponent. #vtpoli

7:43pm · 18 Oct 2016 · Twitter Web Client


What Phil Scott’s campaign does:

This morning, an article appeared in Seven Days that quoted Phil Scott’s campaign manager hitting Sue Minter for “exaggerating her resume” - a negative hit that has been knocked down by those who worked with Minter.

In a campaign email sent out on October 6th which was titled Sue Minter: Fact vs Fiction, the Scott campaign called Sue Minter deceitful, deceptive, and desperate.


The Scott campaign doubled down on this language calling Sue Minter desperate and dishonest in an October 18th press release.October 18th press release


Just today, Phil Scott’s official campaign twitter account retweeted a post that called Sue Minter “mean and nasty.”


Phil Scott acted similarly during the primaries as well, sending out letters that called Bruce Lisman a liar and “incapable of being honest.” When Lisman questioned him on this attack during a VPR debate, Phil attempted to dodge it by say he, himself, didn’t say it.


If Phil Scott thinks this is the high road, it’s time for him to take a step back and rethink his definition of “positive campaigning.”



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