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Phil Scott Flip Flops On Climate Change



Christina Amestoy, VDP Communications Director


Phil Scott Flip Flops on Climate Change in First Debate

August 23, 2016


Burlington, VT  Last night, Phil Scott attempted to walk back his multiple previous statements that climate change is not driven by human actions.


“This was a shameless attempt to pivot back to the center to realign with Vermont values,” said VDP spokesperson, Christina Amestoy. “Again and again, Phil Scott has refused to state unequivocally that a majority of climate change is man made. Changing his tune in one debate will not erase that record.”


“In order to find a solution, you need a proper diagnosis. Scott’s refusal to accept the facts to try and win over a wing of his party is unacceptable and threatens the progress on environmental protection that has been made.”


“Between his lack of specifics and his unwillingness to take a stance on clear cut issues like climate change, it's impossible to know what he will fight for as governor.”


Check the facts:


When Asked if Climate Change is Man Made, Scott Said “Whether It’s Man Made or Not is Almost Immaterial.” During a June 2016 radio interview, host Mike Smith asked, “Lieutenant Governor, let’s get right to it. I’ve got a whole host of questions. Do you believe in climate change and you believe it’s man made?” Scott answered, “I believe that the science is real, that the climate is changing, whether it’s man made or not is almost immaterial.” [WDEV, 6/2/16]


Scott Claims Climate Change Could be Caused by “Many Different Reasons.” During a gubernatorial forum on climate change in July 2016, Phil Scott was the only candidate on the stage not to immediately agree that climate change is being caused by human actions. Instead he responded, “it could be from many different reasons.” [VT PBS, 7/19/16]


Scott Says that Climate Change is Caused by a “Combination” of Factors

When asked where or not he believed that climate change was man made during his “Ask Me Anything” session on Reddit, Scott responded that it was a “combination of man-made contributions as well as a natural phenomenon.” [AMA, Reddit, 07/07/16]



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