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Phil Scott Runs Away from Record on Mileage Tax



Christina Amestoy, VDP Communications Director


Phil Scott Runs Away from Record on Mileage Tax

October 19, 2016


Burlington, VT In last night’s WCAX debate, Phil Scott changed his tune on a possible  mileage tax in Vermont in a last-ditch attempt to hide his previous position in favor of a tax.


“Last night, Phil Scott ran away from his record on a mileage tax that he set less than six months ago,” said Christina Amestoy, VDP spokesperson. “With over $1.8 million spent on his behalf by national Republican groups, it’s clear that Phil Scott is working overtime to try and align himself with his backers’ interest.”


When asked about a mileage tax during a gubernatorial primary debate this past July, Phil Scott responded “We’ve been doing it traditionally, through the gas tax and a per gallon tax and as the cars have become more efficient, the vehicles have become more efficient, the revenues have decreased. So, we’re going to, in the future, have to look at some kind of a mileage tax.” [VCRD/VPT Gubernatorial Forum 7/20/16]


Last night, he ran away from his previous comments, saying instead, “I do not” when asked if he supports a mileage tax. He was also unable to offer an alternative plan to help fill the gap caused by decreasing revenue from the gas tax. [WCAX Gubernatorial Debate, 10/18/16]


As Koch Brothers money is being funnelled into the state through RGA ads, concerns are being raised over the anti-environmental impact the spending could have. [Open Secrets, McKibben 10/18/16] Phil Scott’s attempt to run away from his record seems to an indication that those concerns are valid.



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