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Phil Scott Sweeps Social Record Under the Rug



Christina Amestoy, VDP Communications Director


Phil Scott Sweeps Social Record Under the Rug

October 20, 2016


Burlington, VT -- Over the past week, Phil Scott released two ads that misled Vermonters by hiding his past record of sticking with the Republican party’s line on social issues – seeking legislative barriers to a woman’s right to choose and his vocal opposition to gay rights.


Phil Scott has been endorsed by Vermont’s Right to Life during the past four elections and was a strong opponent of civil unions during the divisive 2000 election.


“You cannot say you're pro choice when you sponsored anti-choice legislation that doctors stand against,” said Representative Mary Sullivan.  “Pediatricians are united against parental notification legislation, because it threatens the safety of some youth in their own homes. This is not good legislation and it’s not pro-choice.”


“As a gay Vermonter, Scott’s ‘support’ for marriage equality seems more like window dressing to cover up his long history of hostility to LGBTQ equality than an authentic commitment to civil rights,” said Terje Anderson, an advocate in Vermont’s LGBTQ community. “Phil Scott wants us to forget that he got his start in politics running as an anti-civil union candidate back in the divisive “Take Back Vermont” campaign of 2000.”  

“Anyone who remembers the environment of 2000 recognizes the kind of language Scott was using - ‘ramrod’, ‘political correctness’, ‘change the social fabric,’ ‘not civil rights… special rights”- as part of the toxic and divisive opposition to equality, not something that can now just be conveniently written off as ‘distrust in government,’” continued Anderson.



FICTION: What Phil Scott SAYS

FACT:  What Phil Scott DOES

“I’m Pro-Choice”

-          Scott is supported by VT Right to Life in this campaign (Seven Days, 9/22/16)

-          He is supported by VT Right to Life, which opposes all abortions (Burlington Free Press, 11/2/14)

-          Scott supports multiple restrictions on a woman’s right to choose which threaten women’s health and safety (Seven Days 9/12/12)

-          Scott sponsored a bill that would have required minors give parental notification 48 before having an abortion or partake in a court hearing to determine she had due cause not to notify her parents or guardians. (S.179, 2003-2004)

“Supports Marriage Equality”

-          Sponsored Kentucky Kim Davis-style legislation that would have allowed justices of the peace the discretion of whether or not to perform civil union certifications. (S.55, 2001-2002)

-          Skipped the vote that ultimately passed gay marriage (S.115, 2009)

-          Scott called LGBT activists “extremists” and chastised Vermont legislators for moving forward with the landmark civil unions case (Times Argus, 4/7/2000)

-          Scott label civil unions as “not civil rights, it’s special right for a select group of people.” (Burlington Free Press, 09/26/16)

-          Scott favored a non-binding referendum over a legislative vote on same-sex marriage (Advocate, 03/23/09)

-          Following the horrific attack at Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Scott never acknowledged the LGBTQ community and even refused to acknowledge it as an attack on their community saying, “I am not sure if it was an attack specifically on the LGBTQ community or an act of terrorism.” (Reddit, 07/07/16)




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