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#PhilintheBlanks - Phil Scott's Economic Presser



Christina Amestoy, VDP Communications Director


VDP Releases #PhilintheBlanks Video

September 19, 2016


Burlington, VT  Today the Vermont Democratic Party released a new video entitled “#PhilintheBlanks,"  highlighting the gaps in Phil Scott’s economic plan rollout. The clips show Scott’s inability to answer questions about his plan for the economy, including questions concerning its impact, cost, and implementation.


When asked if he was able to provide more detail on his clean and affordable energy plan, Scott simply responded, “Uh, no. I can’t.” When asked what he considered the three most important ideas were in his plan, Scott struggled to list specific policy priorities in his four minute answer, finally offering up “opportunity here in the state” as his third proposal.

"Over and over again, Phil Scott has promised to be the governor with the policies to lead Vermont, but all he can deliver are vague national Republican talking points riddled with holes and lacking substance," said VDP spokesperson, Christina Amestoy. "The economic plan he delivered on Thursday which may have been applauded at an RGA conference,  failed to deliver policies that would help middle-class Vermonters and showed his inability to back up his platitudes with facts. Vermonters deserve a governor who not only has the right priorities, but the effective plans to achieve them as well. "

Watch the video here.



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