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Republicans Nominate Most Radical, Divisive Ticket in Generations



Christina Amestoy, VDP Communications Director

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Republicans Nominate Most Radical, Divisive Ticket in Generations

July 20, 2016


Montpelier, VT  Last night, the Republican National Convention officially nominated Donald Trump and running mate, Governor Mike Pence, to grace the top of the ticket as their nominee for president and vice president.  Vermont Republicans were among the eight delegations to officially nominate Trump.


The Vermont Democratic Party spoke out against this official nomination.


“What seemed like a bad dream back in March has become reality,” remarked VDP spokeswoman, Christina Amestoy. “Donald Trump has risen to the top of the GOP by profiting off of fear and hate, proposing ideas that curtail our civil liberties, and degrading women and minorities. And now he's their nominee.”


“The choice voters will face in November is clear and it’s up to each of us to decide what vision for this country we want to support,” continued Ms. Amestoy. “Here in Vermont we also need to decide who we want to lead our state - a leader who will stand up to the platform that Trump now represents, or one who will quietly go along without taking a stance.”


“Now is not the time for someone who can’t decide what causes global warming, who fails to stand up for the LGBTQ community after a vicious attack, or who doesn’t understand the support workers need,” said Ms. Amestoy “Vermont will not be isolated from the decisions that play out on a national stage. We need leadership who understands that and actively stands for Vermont’s values when they are threatened.”



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