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For Scott, Higher Education Isn’t Worth the Investment



Christina Amestoy, VDP Communications Director


For Scott, Higher Education Isn’t Worth the Investment

September 30, 2016


Burlington, VT  On Wednesday evening Phil Scott took part in a gubernatorial debate hosted by VTDigger and Castleton University. Even as he participated in a debate hosted by one of our state colleges and moderated in part by Vermont college students, Phil Scott made one thing clear - investing in affordable higher education for Vermont students isn’t worth the cost.


Scott declined to offer up a plan to support Vermont students, instead telling them that nothing is free and the audience, “you’re going to pay.” (VTDigger, 9/29/16)


“Phil Scott has made it clear – he doesn’t believe that we should invest in our next generation,” said Christina Amestoy, VDP spokesperson. “Ensuring that our students are prepared for high paying, high skilled jobs is necessary to build a strong economy and keep young people in Vermont. Time and time again, Scott has been unable to point to a plan that helps our kids receive the education and training they need for livable wage jobs and helps our businesses find the skilled workers they need to grow in state. All he can do is recite national Republican economic ideas, not the solutions that Vermonters need.”


“Scott promises to attract new employers, yet refuses to invest in the education of our future workforce. He says he wants to increases wages, but he won’t help Vermonters get the training they need for high-paying jobs. He says he wants to retain Vermont students, but won’t give them a reason to stay.”


“How can Scott promise a stronger economy when he won’t invest in Vermont’s future workforce?”


Know the facts:

  • By 2020, over 66% of jobs in Vermont will require a college education. This percentage in only expected to increase

  • Vermont is the send in the nation in high school graduation rates at nearly 90%, but comes in near the bottom when it comes to those pursuing a higher degree

  • In Vermont, 40% of high school graduates do not pursue higher education

  • On average, someone with an associates degree with make $12,000 more per year than a high school graduate

  • On average, someone with a bachelor’s degree with make $32,000 more per year than a high school graduate

  • Average lifetime earnings for a BA holder are about $625,000 or 114% greater than those without

  • The incidence of poverty is 3.5 times lower among holders of a BA

  • The probability of being employed in 24% higher for those with a BA



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