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Statement by VDP, Minter, and Dunne on Scott's Endorsement of Rubio




Christina Amestoy

Vermont Democratic Party Communications Director

(802) 448-4239



February 26, 2016

Statement from VDP, Matt Dunne and Sue Minter on Phil Scott’s Endorsement of Marco Rubio


Montpelier, VT “Today, the Vermont Democratic Party condemned the Republican Lt. Gov. Phil Scott for endorsing right-wing Senator Marco Rubio for President. His attempt to slip this by the press indicates that he is acutely aware of the hypocrisy of his endorsement of this far-right, staunchly ideological candidate while he himself attempts to run as a moderate.


“Rubio’s positions on women’s health issues are frightening at best,” said Democratic spokesperson Christina Amestoy. “His platform is rabidly anti-choice, limits access to birth control and other health care options that women here in Vermont rely on.”


Equally disturbing are Phil Scott’s shared views with Rubio. While Scott runs as a moderate and Rubio attempts to be the “establishment” candidate, they both present a troubling agenda for working families, Vermonters’ health care, and the environment.


"Phil Scott's endorsement of Marco Rubio reveals his vision for the future of our country: one in which a woman's right to choose is denied even in cases of rape or incest; where poor and even middle class families lose their health insurance; and where we take no action in the face of catastrophic global climate change,” said Democratic candidate Matt Dunne.


“Vermont needs a Governor who will protect a woman’s right to choose and access to quality health care by supporting Planned Parenthood” said Democratic candidate Sue Minter.  “Vermont has always led the way in moving progressive values forward. Marco Rubio is advocating an extreme agenda that would be a significant step backward for women and working families. We can’t align ourselves with these damaging policies - we need to continue to be a state that innovates to find creative solutions to some of the toughest problems.”


One thing is certain: Phil Scott’s eagerness to ignore the rabidly anti-women elements of Rubio’s platform and his hostility to working families shows that Phil Scott is just another Republican with the wrong priorities for Vermont.


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