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VDP Statement on Phil Scott's Record


Christina Amestoy

Vermont Democratic Party Communications Director

(802) 448-4239


January 26, 2016


Vermont Democratic Party statement on Phil Scott’s Record on Paid Sick Leave


“In an interview with VT Digger on Monday, Lt. Gov. Phil Scott said he hadn’t decided where he stood on the issue of paid sick leave, but he seems to be forgetting the record he’s laid out for himself on the issue. Because it’s pretty clear to us that Phil Scott doesn’t believe it’s worth prioritizing Vermont workers’ well being.


In case he forgot, here are four times he opposed implementing paid sick days for Vermonters, and one weak attempt to walk his record back:


October 2014 Debate: Scott Answered “No” When Asked if Businesses Should Have to Offer Paid Sick Days to Employees. Scott was the only candidate to oppose required paid sick days for employees in the October debate. [VT Digger, 10/14/14]



February 2014 Chamber of Commerce Event: Scott Opposed Legislation Requiring Paid Sick Leave Calling it Counterproductive for Good Businesses. Scott told the audience that paid sick leave is just “one more thing that gets in the way of us being able to do what we do best, and do what we do best for our employees.” [Brattleboro Reformer, 2/10/14;, 2/4/14]



December 2015: Scott Said “Paid Sick Leave is Something That I Think Would Fall Into That Category Of ‘We Don't Need That Right Now.’” Following his campaign announcement, Scott told WPTZ reporter that paid sick days aren’t necessary for Vermont workers.  [WPTZ, 12/3/15]



January 2016 Article Reporting that Paid Sick Leave Legislation was “Poised for Passage This Year in the Vermont Legislature” Noted that Scott “is Not in Favor of a Paid Sick Leave Law.” [VTDigger, 1/3/16]



January 2016: VT Digger Reported “Scott Says He Hasn’t Decided Whether He Will Support the Paid Sick Leave Bill. Scott attempted to walk back his record of oppositions and states, “I like the direction it’s going, and I’m happy to take a position on it once it’s out of committee.”  [VTDigger,1/26/16]


Just like his flip-flop on welcoming Syrian refugees to our state, it looks like Phil Scott is scrambling to correct his record on paid sick leave to finally align with what Vermonters really want.”