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VDP Statement on Scott's Failure to Lead on Climate Change


Christina Amestoy

Vermont Democratic Party Communications Director



March 15, 2016

Vermont Democratic Party’s Statement on Scott’s Failure to Lead on Climate Change


Montpelier, VT “Across Vermont, we understand the real effects of global warming and the impact it can have. Just this year, the usually warm winter has hurt our ski industry and local businesses will likely feel the effect of a slow season well into next year. This is our reality, and we need strong leaders who recognize it and will take action.


Lt. Gov. Phil Scott does not fit that profile.


Phil Scott has chosen to back Marco Rubio, a presidential candidate who refuses to acknowledge that global warming is a man-made phenomenon - a fact that the vast majority of the published scientific community has validated. Even when standing in Miami, a city that has seen increased flooding because of rising sea levels, he continued to deny it.


In Vermont, we will do our best to take steps to prepare for and combat climate change. But for real change to occur, we need leadership in the White House that is committed to doing the same. If Phil Scott thinks Marco Rubio, a man who replaces scientific fact with an ideological mantra, is that candidate, we should all question whether Scott is the type of leader that’s right for Vermont.”



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