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VDP Statement on Scott's Potential Conflict of Interest in State Contract Bidding


Christina Amestoy

Vermont Democratic Party Communications Director

(802) 448-4239



March 18, 2016

Vermont Democratic Party’s Statement on Scott’s Potential Conflict of Interest in State Contract Bidding


Montpelier, VT Today marks the end of Sunshine Week - a week dedicated to transparency in government. In recognition of this, the Vermont Democratic Party is asking Lt. Gov. Phil Scott to provide an answer to the potential conflict of interest that would face him if elected governor: his power to award government contracts and his co-ownership of in DuBois construction.


“There is no question that there would be a conflict of interest for Lt. Gov. Phil Scott between his construction business and his potential power to award government contracts,” said spokesperson for the VDP, Christina Amestoy. “Over and over, Phil Scott has dismissed this fact, but voters deserve to know how he can guarantee transparency and fair bidding if he refuses to give up ownership of DuBois construction.”


At this time, Phil Scott has stated he will not give up his ownership of DuBois construction if elected.



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