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VDP Statement on Senate's Passage of Paid Sick Days



Christina Amestoy

Vermont Democratic Party Communications Director



February 3, 2016


Vermont Democratic Party statement on Senate passage of Paid Sick Days


“We applaud the Senate for joining with the House is passing Paid Sick Days legislation. As a Party, we believe that by choosing to invest in Vermont workers, we can make our state stronger. This legislation will benefit both workers and the businesses that employ them. If the Paid Sick Days bill is signed into law, working Vermonters will no longer have to choose between taking care of themselves or a child and receiving a paycheck.


The divide between those that support investments that strengthen our families and those who look to cut them will become obvious as we head towards November. We commend the Senate for this bipartisan effort and are thankful that Lt. Gov. Phil Scott did not cast a deciding vote. Given his repeated opposition to Paid Sick Days legislation it’s clear what side he falls on.


Voters will have a choice in November: candidates who choose to invest in our families or those that choose to leave them behind. If Lt. Gov. Phil Scott becomes the Republican nominee, he will be the candidate representing the latter.”