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VTGOP budget proposal would be a disaster for VT


Ben Sarle - Director of Communications & Outreach



VTGOP budget proposal would be a disaster for VT


MONTPELIER - Yesterday House Republican leaders outlined a budget proposal that would take our state backwards. While Vermont Democrats have been fighting for months to make difficult choices in a tough budget year, Republican leaders have so far sat on the sidelines, content to complain about Democrats' efforts while offering no proposals of their own. 

All that changed yesterday when a group of seven Republicans outlined some of their ideas. Those ideas were, in a word, disastrous. Here are just a few terrible ideas they came up with:

  • Cutting funding to the Vermont Commission on Women
  • Slashing financial aid to help Vermont kids and families afford college
  • Eliminating grants to help Vermonters' suffering from drug addiction
  • Cutting financial assistance that is helping Vermonters afford monthly health care premiums
  • Slashing childcare support to poor mothers

Titled a “Plan for Prosperity,” the VTGOP took more than a page from the much-panned 2012 national GOP’s “Path to Prosperity,” spearheaded by the champion of austerity, Paul Ryan.

We know what a Republican budget would do – we’ve seen it play out in state across the country. The working poor, vulnerable families, and young people trying to start their lives would be left out in the cold. The consequences of letting our government abandon Vermonters would see our state look like Alabama or Kansas, where the working class are one medical, family or employment emergency away from bankruptcy. 

This is not acceptable and we won’t allow it in Vermont.  Democrats will continue to fight for a balanced approach to tackle this tough budget with responsible choices rather than political gimmicks.