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Reflections on the 2018 Midterms

By: Terje Anderson, Chair, Vermont Democratic Party


2018 was a midterm election year like no other I’ve seen during my time in politics — the energy, engagement, and urgency propelled us to massive grassroots involvement and record  turn out for a midterm. 

During the final gubernatorial debate between Republican Governor Phil Scott and Democratic nominee Christine Hallquist, Scott complained that "attaching me to national Republicans” was unfair.

Join the Vermont Democratic Party for a forum about the future of healthcare nationwide and here in Vermont. Panelists will discuss universal primary care and many other things. Bring questions, an open mind, and enjoy the events! 

RUTLAND - 8/12 @ 2pm

Well friends, Election Day has come and gone. First and foremost, we’d like to say how PROUD we are of every Democratic candidate up and down the ballot who ran a campaign this year. Each and every one of them were unwearying in their commitment to their race, working extremely hard for many weeks. And of course, we’d like to offer a huge CONGRATULATIONS to our Democratic candidates who won their races.

Yesterday was an extraordinary example of the energy, commitment, and spirit Vermont Democrats have as we celebrated the opening of our new Rutland County Headquarters along with start of the general election season. With an incredible turnout, we were joined by many candidates, Rutland committee members, staff, volunteers, and of course our statewide and local elected officials.