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Wednesday, June 24, 2020


VDP Launches 2020 Campaign Communications Arm: The Briefing Room

The Briefing Room kicks off with targeted digital ads against GOP incumbents who voted against vote-by-mail

MONTPELIER, VT -- The Vermont Democratic Party is announcing the launch of their 2020 campaign communications arm: The Briefing Room. The Briefing Room is a team of communications staff and volunteers dedicated to the sole cause of holding Vermont Republicans up and down the ballot accountable.

The team behind The Briefing Room has been hard at work behind the scenes building and influencing a narrative around Vermont Republicans — most recently on the issue of vote-by-mail. As the calendar moves closer to November, The Briefing Room will expand, taking on a more public role in the party’s fight to retire GOP Governor Phil Scott, hold down ballot statewide offices, and expand Democratic majorities in the House and Senate. 

For the remainder of the 2020 election cycle, The Briefing Room will draw contrast with Vermont Republicans up and down the ballot, seek to expose Phil Scott’s ineffectiveness as a state leader, and highlight the impact Scott’s failed leadership has had on communities around Vermont.

“This is about holding Republicans accountable,” said Vermont Democratic Party Executive Director Scott McNeil. “For too long, Republicans like Phil Scott have gotten away with very little scrutiny of their record  — or lack thereof. That time is over.”

VDP spokesperson, R. Christopher Di Mezzo added: “From a communications standpoint, we’re trying to build a narrative — a factual, yet devastating narrative that VTGOP politicians, from Phil Scott to House and Senate Republicans, have failed to effectively articulate a vision for the future of Vermont. This state is in crisis and Vermont literally cannot afford to have visionless Republican leaders directing the state’s economic recovery.”

One of the tools The Briefing Room will utilize is digital advertising — a tool which is especially powerful in this time of increased digital engagement. Beginning Wednesday, June 24, The Briefing Room will run its first public messaging campaign: A series of digital ads targeting VTGOP incumbents in the House and Senate who voted against expanding vote-by-mail. 

“To put it simply, voters have the right to know how their Representatives voted,” said Di Mezzo. “If my State Representative or State Senator voted to make it harder for me to safely vote, that’s something I want to know and remember when I’m casting my ballot.”

This ad program is part of an ongoing five-figure digital advertising campaign.






R. Christopher Di Mezzo
Director of Communications, Spokesperson
Vermont Democratic Party
(315) 368-3660 | @rcdimezzo