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Tuesday, June 8, 2020


VDP State Committee Adopts Resolution Calling on Democratic Candidates to Work Toward Eliminating Systematic Racism

MONTPELIER, VT -- At the Party’s virtual State Committee meeting on Saturday, June 6, 2020 the following resolution, which was introduced by Windsor County Democratic Committee Chair John Hagen, passed by unanimous voice vote. The Party’s Affirmative Action Committee will look at ways to operationalize the resolution.

Whereas, the brutal murder of George Floyd by police in Minneapolis continues to shock the conscience of Vermont, the nation and the world. and 

Whereas, the murder of George Floyd does not stand in isolation, but exists as part of our nation’s tragic centuries-long history of white supremacist violence and abuse of African-Americans, and 

Whereas, pervasive and systemic racism exists in our Vermont communities and institutions, 

Therefor, be it resolved that, the Vermont Democratic Party recommits ourselves to the vital work of overcoming racism and the pernicious impact it has on all people, and 

Be it further resolved that we recognize that work must first start within ourselves, both as individuals and organizations, to address our own roles in a society riddled with systemic racism, and

Be it further resolved that the Vermont Democratic Party urges our federal, state and local elected leaders of all parties to lead on making the vital policy changes needed including, but not limited to: 

  • meaningful criminal justice and public safety reforms; 
  • economic and environmental justice; 
  • overcoming inequities in our educational system to make high-quality education available to all; 
  • protecting and expanding hard won voting rights and civil rights measures; 
  • ending disparities in health access and health outcomes, 
  • incorporating and elevating the voices and leadership of marginalized communities at all levels; and
  • building toward a state, country and world that fulfills humankind’s demand for justice and equality, and 

Be it further resolved that we call upon every candidate seeking the Democratic nomination for federal, state and local offices in Vermont to identify how they will use their office to advance these objectives and work toward the elimination of systemic racism in Vermont.


Brenda Churchill, the Chair of the Affirmative Action Committee said of the resolution’s passing: “Systemic racism is alive and thriving here in Vermont. The passage of this resolution, while a good step in the fight for racial and social justice, is just that -- a step in the right direction. Our Party has always been ready and willing to do the hard work of building a more inclusive and equitable Vermont for all of us and I’m excited to be a part of the team taking up the challenge.”

Party Chair Terje Anderson added: “The time for action is now. That’s why I was proud to support this resolution and will encourage every Democratic candidate up and down the ballot, as the resolutions states, to share how they will use their platform as an elected official to work toward the elimination of systemic racism in Vermont.”





R. Christopher Di Mezzo
Director of Communications, Spokesperson
Vermont Democratic Party
(315) 368-3660 | @rcdimezzo