Carolyn Adams

Timi Agar | Video

Statement: What drives my candidacy for democratic leadership? Beating Donald Trump in November? Nope, that isn’t it. Beating Trump is a critical means to the end, but it is not the end—the end game for me is making sure my kids, your kids, and their kids have the opportunity for a future that includes clean air, educational opportunity and equality, health, and above all happiness. As a Party, I think we can we can do more and we can do better in defining our endgame. At national tables, we need level heads, people who can think, strategize, and lead. Being a former health/education non-profit CEO, I can contribute experience in negotiation, policy development, teamwork, and problem solving. But, more importantly, I am guided by a set of core values. As the Party sets its agenda, I would look for its values to shine in tangible ways that are meaningful to all people. Creating an agenda that works for red and blue states, rich and poor, native born and new comers, will take a lot of work and compromise. Inclusivity is one of my core values. As a new Vermont resident, I thank you for your consideration.

Emily Ahtunan

Aimee Alexander

Statement: As a mother of two young children, one who is disabled, and as a public high school government teacher, I would bring a valuable voice to the convention this summer. I first got involved with the Democratic Party during the 2000 election in Florida as a volunteer for Al Gore. I’ve more recently served as assistant chair in the Orleans County Democratic Party and the chair of the Derby Democrats. I’ve also served on the state committee as a representative of Orleans County. During this election cycle I have been a Biden supporter, and would be proud to cast a vote on his behalf this summer.

Linda Andrews

Thomas Ayres

Charles Barasch

Rebecca Bowen | Video

Statement: I am a life-long Democratic originally from Atlanta, GA. I came of age during the civil rights movement in the 1960's, and perhaps radicalized a bit by my pretty radical grandmother. I moved to Vermont in 1989, and found my spiritual home. Married an 8th generation Vermonter and adopted two children who happen to be African-American. When Trump was so-called elected, a part of me just broke. I couldn't sit and watch from the sidelines so I ran for the Montpelier school board and won. I found it empowering and healing. I was instrumental in raising the Black Lives Matter flag, the first high school in the nation to do so. My children are now grown, and I have the time to become more active in organized politics. I hope you vote for me.

James Boylan

Melody Burkins

Matthew Carter

Marthanne Carver

Conor Casey

Andrew Champagne | Video

Statement: Good Brothers and Sisters — 

My name is Andrew Champagne and I’m running to serve as a DNC Delegate for Vice President Joe Biden.

When I was a kid, I would often ask my Dad why we were Democrats and what he said was something simple, but extraordinary: We’re Democrats because Democrats are for the People.”

Ever present in my late Father’s reasoning for being a Democratic is the very same thing which motivates me to register voters in Vermont and get engaged in the Democratic Party — making a commitment to the People, my neighbors, and my community.

I have personally registered 1,300 Vermont voters from Brattleboro to Burlington, from Montgomery to Montpelier. And I have so much more work to do.

That’s why I’m asking for your vote to return to the DNC as a Delegate for Vice President Joe Biden. All of us state convention delegates have done so much for the Democratic Party and for that we can be proud.

Voting starts today and continues through Saturday, May 30th -- if you have any questions regarding the process please reach out to Grace Viscito at Usually we’d be in Barre City celebrating our Party together — but because of COVID-19 we’re meeting virtually. So I want to thank my good friends at the VDP for their hard work in building this digital program.

I hope you’ll take a moment to watch my video message to you as I humbly ask for your vote this year.

Together, my friends, we can do great things.

Be well,


Ann Christopher

James Condos | Video

Statement: Thank you for your support of our party’s Democratic process!

I am Jim Condos – Vermont’s Secretary of State – and I believe “Defending our Democracy is very important - especially this year! I am running to be a statewide delegate for the Democratic National Committee Convention. Let me provide my background – I have served as:

 South Burlington City Council for 18 years

o The last 8 years as Chair

 Vermont State Senate for 8 years

o Chair, Senate Education

o Chair, Senate Government Operations

 Vermont Secretary of State for 10 years Nationally, I have served:

 National League of Cities - Board of Directors

 National Association of Secretaries of State - President

 Council of State Gov’t – Overseas Voting Initiative

o National Co-Chair As a strong Democrat, I have been very proud to bring to the national level the very ideals we Vermonters believe in. In my time as Secretary of State, we have implemented:

 Allowing 17 year olds to vote in primaries if they turn 18 by the general election

 On-line Voter Reg

 Same Day Voter Reg

 Automatic voter reg All of these initiatives have been to expand the right to vote.


Every day I work to protect and expand these rights by removing those barriers which tend to suppress voting. In 2016, I was a Bernie Delegate at the DNC Convention and today I am asking again for your support to represent Vermont and stand up for the Vermont way in protecting our voting rights.

Again, I thank you for participating and hope I will have your support.

Leighton Detora

Carolyn Dwyer

Statement: Vermont will once again play a significant role at the Democratic National Convention. I would like to put my experience as a convention delegate and over 25 years of work in politics to use on your behalf as delegate to the 2020 Democratic National Convention. Politics has been my life’s work. Many of you know me from my work for Senator Leahy and Congressman Welch, having served as Senator Leahy’s campaign manager for his last four campaigns and Congressman Welch’s campaign manager in 2006 and 2008. I have also worked for the presidential campaigns of Bill Clinton, Howard Dean and Barack Obama, serving as a Vermont Co-Chair and National Finance Committee Member for President Obama’s 2008 and 2012 campaigns. Supporting the Democratic Party is essential and why I served on the VDP’s Executive Committee and started the Leahy Interns program at the Vermont Democratic Party. Serving as a delegate to the convention is an honor but also a job with responsibilities. Having both worked as staff and served as an Obama delegate in 2008 and 2016, I have experience navigating the demands of the process. I would welcome the opportunity to represent you.

Amy Frost

Statement: My name is Amy Frost and I live in Tunbridge, VT with my husband and 3 high school/college age children on our small family farm. I am originally from the Philadelphia area and have been a strong supporter of Joe Biden and what he believes in for a long time. That’s why I was so proud of my daughter - a junior in college - who took a personal leave of absence this semester to work for Joe. She has knocked doors in Iowa, South Carolina and Florida and has been inspired and motivated by his leadership, his public service and his decency as a human being. Watching my daughter go through this experience of working hours every day for Joe and being so committed to him and his re-election made me realize that I wanted to do more than donate money and sit on the sidelines cheering. So, I started writing letters for Vote Forward, encouraging people to register and to vote. Then I went a step further and went out and knocked doors for Joe in NH and made phone calls into Florida for his campaign. Joe’s record of public service fighting for the middle class, smart gun control, and women's rights, and his demonstrated leadership following the 2008 market crash are some of the reasons why it is so easy to believe in and fight for Joe. It would be my honor to be a delegate for him in the 2020 Democratic Primary and carry his message forward to voters!

Daniel Galdenzi

Victor Hinojosa

Liam Hogan

J. Guy Isabelle

Allison Leibly | Video

Statement: I’m Allison Leibly, an 18-year-old soon-to-be high school graduate from Woodstock. I started engaging with politics at my local school board meetings, which led me to help create the Committee for Student Voice, lead student town hall meetings, and present on behalf of the Committee to the school board. I even wrote a letter of interest in a board seat after a vacancy, though Woodstock found someone who won’t be going to college in the fall. I’m proud that I’ve helped my classmates register to vote, some of whom didn’t know they were eligible. I’m proud that in March, I voted for the first time and that until November I will be encouraging my peers to help elect Joe Biden. I’m proud that when I served as a United States Senate Page, after witnessing Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court confirmation and the longest government shutdown in American history, I came away knowing how intelligent, engaged, and concerned my fellow Pages from across the country were. The voices of my generation, the youngest voters of 2020, deserve to be represented in national politics and in the Democratic party. That’s why I’m running to be a DNC delegate.

Mary Paul Loomis

Richard Maggiani

Laura Massell

C D Mattison

Lauren Nelson

Jamie O'Donnell

David Roth

Statement: Dear Delegates - I would be honored by your vote to represent you and Vermont at the DNC. Because so much has changed, we must recommit to the political actions that pave the way for us to repair & rebuild. My career has taken me around the world - but Vermont is our home, and my commitment to Vermont remains my priority. Currently, I'm CEO of The Wakaya Group - we farm organic sustainable products globally ( I'm also Chairman of The Rock and Roll Forever Foundation (, founded by Steven Van Zandt, and am Entrepreneur in Residence at INSEAD, a global business school ( I'm former Chairman of the California Student Aid Commission, an entity responsible for education grants of US$2Billion, and I directed a coalition in Africa that established technology centers at the request of President Clinton. I serve on many non-profit Boards, and am a sommelier certified by The Court of Master Sommeliers. But most importantly, I am a Vermonter and a proud Democrat, and live with my beautiful family in Burlington. I would be honored by your support. Please be in touch if you have any questions. For now, thank you & I hope you remain safe. Best, -David

Hannah Rushing

James Stack

Robert Stanton

Robert Steele

Chuck Sweetman

Statement: I would appreciate your consideration and am sincerely asking for your support as a delegate for JOE 

Brief Bio: 

1. Married 54 years -3 children-5 grandkids-

2. Retired educator ( teacher, coach, high school principal, superintendent of schools)

3.Chair and founder of Landgrove Democratic town committee (12 years)

4. Past co chair of Bennington County committee (5 years) and present member

5. Past( 5 years) and present member of Vt Democratic state committee

6. Community service: Planning/Zoning —Lister—Justice of the Peace—Mt Valley Medical Bd (over 10 years in each position)

7. Campaigned for Dem candidates in Vt,MA,NH,PA,Ct every year for over 20 years

8. Selected by Vt Dem. state convention to be an Obama/Biden national delegate to 2012 

9. Attended the 2009 inauguration of President Biden and VP Joe Biden

Thanks for your consideration — Have a good day you deserve it-----Chuck Sweetman

(PS after 54 years of marriage my wife really wants to have me go away for a week !! She really wants you to vote for me !!)

Robert Teree

M Peter Thomson

James Vires

Renee Woliver