Connecting Vermont is a group of volunteers making daily wellness calls to our local communities to say hello, check in, and connect our fellow Vermonters with the help that they need.

As social distancing increasingly becomes a part of our daily lives, it's more important than ever for our communities to stay connected. It's time to reach out to our neighbors and alleviate the impacts of social isolation with real human connection. It's our most valuable resource.

Whether you are available to call your neighbors for a few hours a week or a few hours each day, you'll be making a difference during uncertain times and contributing to the patchwork of support that will keep us together.

Be an everyday hero, and help us keep Vermont connected.

I'd like to make calls.

I'd like to receive a call.

These calls are:

  • A chance to ask people what they are going through

  • A moment to listen and be a good neighbor

  • An opportunity to connect neighbors with resources

  • A link to local legislators

  • A way to stay connected

These calls are not:

  • A time for politics



For questions and volunteer training, please contact:

Asha Carroll
Digital Organizing Director
Vermont Democratic Party

(802) 391-4035 |