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Timi Agar | Video

Statement: What drives my candidacy for democratic leadership? Beating Donald Trump in November? Nope, that isn’t it. Beating Trump is a critical means to the end, but it is not the end—the end game for me is making sure my kids, your kids, and their kids have the opportunity for a future that includes clean air, educational opportunity and equality, health, and above all happiness. As a Party, I think we can we can do more and we can do better in defining our endgame. At national tables, we need level heads, people who can think, strategize, and lead. Being a former health/education non-profit CEO, I can contribute experience in negotiation, policy development, teamwork, and problem solving. But, more importantly, I am guided by a set of core values. As the Party sets its agenda, I would look for its values to shine in tangible ways that are meaningful to all people. Creating an agenda that works for red and blue states, rich and poor, native born and new comers, will take a lot of work and compromise. Inclusivity is one of my core values. As a new Vermont resident, I thank you for your consideration.

Rebecca Bowen | Video

Statement: I am a life-long Democratic originally from Atlanta, GA. I came of age during the civil rights movement in the 1960's, and perhaps radicalized a bit by my pretty radical grandmother. I moved to Vermont in 1989, and found my spiritual home. Married an 8th generation Vermonter and adopted two children who happen to be African-American. When Trump was so-called elected, a part of me just broke. I couldn't sit and watch from the sidelines so I ran for the Montpelier school board and won. I found it empowering and healing. I was instrumental in raising the Black Lives Matter flag, the first high school in the nation to do so. My children are now grown, and I have the time to become more active in organized politics. I hope you vote for me.

Brenda Churchill

Statement: Hello members of the Vermont Democratic Party. I am writing to you today to ask for your vote to be your National Delegate this election cycle. For those who don't know me, within the VDP, I am the Chair of the Affirmative Action/Outreach Committee. Outside of the VDP, I am a field supervisor for the US Census Bureau, the liaison for the LGBTQIA Alliance of Vermont (representing the LGBTQ+ community at the state house). I am also on the board of directors of Emerge Vermont, and a member of the Franklin County Democrats. Last campaign cycle, I was privileged to bring Christine Hallquist to the party in an attempt to unseat the governor. I have successfully collaborated to bring the third gender option to Vermont Driver's Licenses, and helped with bringing gender neutral bathrooms to Vermont. I facilitate a transgender youth support group at Outright Vermont and I love outdoor recreation of all kinds. Quarterly, I meet with the Fair and Impartial citizen board working with the Vermont State Police. As a very out woman who identifies as transgender, I believe I am able to represent a part of Vermont that is rarely able to be active in state politics let alone have a voice in a national effort. In this very uncertain world, one thing we can all agree on: we must see the election of a Democratic President that represents us all. If you believe in the diversity that is Vermont and you recognize that these voices often do not get heard, I urge you to vote for me. Sincerely, Brenda Churchill

Linda Gravell | Video

Statement: Linda Gravell Washington County Democratic Chair VDP Field Grassroots Chair I am running for a seat at the National Democratic Convention. I am asking for your vote. Why do I want to go to the National Convention? I want to move the National party in the progressive direction… LEFT. • Democrat for social, racial, & gender equality, equal opportunity • Commitment to progressive policies: Medicare For All, Green New Deal... • Diversity makes us stronger I work with our legislators to bring bills for the working person to the Governor’s desk. I believe in alliances with Unions and activist groups to elect Democrats into office. As County Chair, I am using my skills for the benefit of Vermont Democrats: • Digital technologies like Zoom, Mail Chimp, Survey Monkey and social media; • Field organizing, canvassing captain, phone bank trainer, mailings; • Organizing fundraisers like the upcoming “Mad Hatter Cocktail Soiree”, May 18th; • Contacts with Out of State Democratic parties, AZ, CO, ME, NC to flip Republican seats. I want to connect with Democrats outside of Vermont, to share how we can work together Mostly, because I work for YOU… the Democrats of Vermont. I am asking for your vote.

Maria Horn

Moira Selleck

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Statement: It is said that policy is made by those who show up. In my four years on the DNC I have not missed a single meeting. Attendance is very important. In the coming years, I plan to get more involved in the newly created
Climate Council and Poverty Council. As many people know, climate action and sustainability have been my passions. I have been a strong Bernie backer in this year’s primaries but I will be very committed to the Biden ticket and do my part to make sure we are forever done with the current occupant of the White House. I am not running for re-election to the Vermont House, so I will have more time to devote to this important work. I hope I can count on your support.

Courtney Williamson


Stephen Amos

Gordon Bock

Statement: My involvement with the party begins as a teenager in The Bronx. Then came a hiatus; as a news reporter, I could not ethically engage in partisan politics. Segue to May 3, 2016. Victorious in the Indiana primary, a sleazy grifter named Donald Trump is the presumptive GOP nominee. Every Republican candidate in America must answer whether they stand with Trump. I filed to run as state representative for Washington-1, where GOP incumbents occupied both seats. Predictably, I lost. But I visited thousands of doorsteps, organized phone banks for the Democratic ticket and came creditably close as a neophyte candidate to the votes garnered by the less entrenched of the two Republican officeholders. I ran in 2018, but a mangled toe --- then nearly dying from sepsis due to a duodenal rupture --- made even walking nigh impossible. It was uphill anyway because self-appointed kingmakers then running the Vermont Democratic Party: decreed that I ought not be the nominee; refused to sell me VoteBuilder; induced candidates to defeat me; mounted a whispering campaign worthy of the sleazy grifter Trump. If you endorse such tactics, vote for someone else. If you prefer change, please consider voting for me. (Details at

Marcus Certa

Aidan Doherty

Asher Edelson

Statement: Hello my fellow Vermonters! It is my pleasure to run for delegate as a supporter of Bernie Sanders! Bernie has long been a hero of mine, and his political advocacy continues to fuel inspiration for my own life. I greatly appreciate his work on Medicare for All, ending our imperial foreign policy, and taking a bold stance on issues surrounding Israel & Palestine. I have Tourette’s Syndrome and want to be an advocate for people with disabilities as Bernie’s surrogate. If more people with disabilities got out to vote, our issues would see more representation, and perhaps the left would win more often! We desperately need delegates to represent the disability community. Tourette’s is a neurological disability that not many people have the clearest understanding of, and it would be a privilege to educate fellow Democrats on the issues pertaining to my disability and to others’. I have served as Vice President of a local Disability Caucus chapter, staffer for Andrew Gillum’s successful primary campaign, youngest candidate during a School Board election, and intern for Congresswoman Kathy Castor. I hope to be honored with the opportunity to serve as Bernie’s young, Hispanic, Jewish, DBS, disabled delegate! Vote Asher! Thank you!

Theron Jay-Sleeper

Timothy Jerman | Video

Statement: I want to welcome all our new state delegates and thank you for participating in democracy at this level!  I’m Tim Jerman, running for re-election as DNC National Committeeman. I have a lot of experience as a Vermont Democrat serving in a variety of roles, but in this short space I would just say I’m excited to continue working on making the presidential nominating process more representative. It is imperative that we include all significant voter groups in the campaign process from start to finish. 

It will be strange not to renew friendships and see everyone in Barre, but we all have an important role to play in defeating Donald Trump in November. I encourage everyone to stay involved. Our Bernie and Biden delegates will help ensure a more progressive platform and I look forward to a strong and diverse national delegation, whether or not we meet in person in Milwaukee. It is so healthy for the party to have so many people running for national delegate and committeeperson!  

I will be sending a longer statement to delegates via email. Meanwhile, please don’t hesitate to contact me for more information on the, 8028782972


Louis LoPresti

Statement: My name is Louis Prowe. I am a published author and native New Englander who has spent a career working for progressive change in corporate America. My book, published in 2017, depicts our republic as being torn apart by venomous partisan politics and greed. That's why after nearly 20 years away, I moved home. Vermont is home to the oldest right to inform, right to know laws in the country. As such, we have an invigorated and diverse electorate interested in the issues and making progressive change. The Democratic Party in Vermont needs new blood and fresh ideas--to my mind, there are simply too many long-term committee members. We need a new vanguard of younger committee members. I plan to make this my mandate. I do not believe politics, as usual, is going to bring us the changes we need in Washington or at home.

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