In a crisis, people shouldn't have to worry about their benefits.

March 24, 2020


BURLINGTON, VT — Vermont’s Attorney General TJ Donovan has been hard at work adapting the function of his office to the new reality of life during a global pandemic. 

Donovan’s office is responsible for adjudicating economic benefit disputes, though during this public health crisis he has suspended that adjudication — allowing Vermonters to receive unaltered/uninterrupted benefits. He’s also worked with Attorneys General around the nation to protect SNAP benefits from cuts by the Trump administration, which is a major victory for Vermont families especially during this time of uncertainty. In addition, the Attorney General has teamed up with business leaders around the state to monitor price gouging during this public health crisis to ensure the safety of consumers. AG Donovan has also taken steps to responsibly reduce the prison population in an effort to keep all Vermonters safe from the spread of COVID-19. 



“AG Donovan and coalition win preliminary injunction to protect food assistance” [03/23/20]

“This is especially good news, given the challenges many Vermont families are facing in light of the COVID-19 crisis,” said Attorney General Donovan. “I will never stop fighting for Vermont families in need of a hand up.”


“Attorney General Donovan to Postpone Government Benefits Cases in Light of Covid-19 Crisis” [03/19/20]

Attorney General T.J. Donovan today announced that his office will file motions to continue for 90 days all economic services cases where they provide counsel to the State of Vermont. These motions will postpone all pending cases between the State and Vermonters involving the termination or reduction of existing benefits.

“In a crisis, people shouldn’t have to worry about their benefits,” said Attorney General Donovan.


“Attorney General’s Office Publishes Guidance on Complying with Open Meeting Laws During COVID-19 Emergency” [03/23/20]

“With technology, we can continue Vermont’s tradition of transparency,” said Attorney General Donovan. “Even with the need to practice social distancing, I want Vermonters to know that our boards and commissions can continue to do their important work.”


“Attorney General and Business Leaders Team up to Provide Tips to Businesses in the Age of Covid-19 Virus” [03/12/20]

“I am proud to stand with the Vermont business community,” said Attorney General Donovan. “We are calling for calm and common sense in response to the coronavirus. This is the time to solve problems and help each other. I’m committed to working together to help Vermonters to do what’s best.”


“Statement on Vermont’s Prison Population and the COVID-19 Emergency” [03/19/20]

AG Donovan: “The COVID-19 emergency means that all of our current systems and networks are under stress, including the Department of Corrections (DOC). This is an opportunity to work together to find solutions that are consistent with public health and public safety. Prosecution offices across the state, including mine, have been looking at safe and deliberate ways to continue reducing Vermont’s current prison population. Reducing the population of inmates held in pre-trial detention, which is when a person accused of a crime is imprisoned prior to trial, is one possible remedy.”

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Director of Communications; Spokesperson
Vermont Democratic Party
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