VDP Statement on S.23
January 30, 2020



MONTPELIER, VT — The Vermont state Senate has passed S.23, raising the minimum wage and bringing the state a step closer to giving Vermonters a well deserved raise. The bill now goes to Governor Scott’s desk for his signature. 


Following the bill’s passage, Representative John Killacky (D-Chittenden 7-3) gave the following statement: 


“Passing this much-needed incremental increase impacts 40,000 of our lowest paid workers. An individual working full-time at minimum wage will receive approximately $5,000 more in wages over the next two years. This is also a gender equity issue, as women are a disproportionate share of workers currently earning less than $11 per hour.”


Representative Chip Troiano (D-Caledonia-2) added: 


“Young people with young children in my communities have told me without exception, that it is better pay that would keep them in Vermont. If we were serious about keeping young people in Vermont we should do all we can to assure they are paid well enough to pay back their student loans, afford to raise their children and to pay their rent or mortgage.”


Vermont Democratic Party Chair Terje Anderson added: 


“This minimum wage increase is an important step forward and will have a real impact on the lives of people across the state. Sadly, Phil Scott continues to indicate that he plans to veto this bill as soon as it reaches his desk. I find this striking in contrast to his rhetoric surrounding affordability. Governor Scott continues to shut down initiatives that would make Vermont more affordable at every chance he gets. We will never enable young Vermonters to remain in the state or encourage those from out of state to relocate if we maintain a minimum wage that is so out of step with the reality of the cost of living in this state. I strongly urge Governor Scott to sign this important legislation to give working Vermonters the raise they deserve and need.” 




Scott McNeil

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