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Party Reorganization

What is Reorganization?

Every odd-numbered year, political parties in Vermont have to go through a reorganization process, selecting new members of town, county, and state committees.

Party Reorganization Trainings

How to Find Other Democrats & Build Engagement

July 27, 2023

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Reorg FAQs

When do I have to hold my reorg meeting?

State statute requires that town committee reorganization meetings must be held between September 10 - September 30 of odd-numbered years.

How do I advertise my reorg meeting?

If your town has fewer than 5,000 people in it, you must post a public notice 5 days before the meeting outside the town clerk’s office and in one other public place, such as a notices board in a library, community center, general store, or elsewhere.

If your town has more than 5,000 people, you must post the public notice as described above and also in a newspaper or nonpartisan news media website, or online community forum.


Where should I hold my reorg meeting?

The only requirement is that it be a public place; it cannot be a private home or club. Libraries, community centers, public meeting rooms, and public parks are all good options.

Make sure the location you choose is accessible to a wide variety of people: it should have an elevator if on an upper floor, an easily findable entrance, restrooms for those of all genders, and enough space for people to spread out.

Consider also locations that are family-friendly: in a library with a children’s room, at a public park with a playground, or some other variation.

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