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RELEASE: Balint, Krowinski Urge Governor to Pivot Covid-19 Response Strategy as Vermont Soars to 8th


News from the Vermont Democratic Party

Balint, Krowinski Urge Governor to Pivot Covid-19 Response Strategy as Vermont Soars to 8th Nationwide

MONTPELIER, VT – Vermont is now 8th in the nation for highest Covid case count per capita. As of today, 591 new cases were reported, making it the highest number to date.

53 Vermonters are hospitalized, with 14 of those are in intensive care units. Still, the Phil Scott administration refuses to adjust their approach to the pandemic; in fact, not much has changed in their Covid-19 mitigation strategy since the administration lifted the state’s mask mandate in May 2021. As cases ticked upward in August, and again in September, Vermont’s Democratic elected officials called on Governor Scott to make a change in strategy, acting on the growing demand from Vermonters to keep the state’s communities safe. And yet, Governor Scott hasn’t budged. Now, with Vermont repeatedly breaking its daily case count record, Senate Pro Tempore Becca Balint and Speaker of the House Jill Krowinski are once again imploring the Governor to pivot. Today, Senate Pro Tem Becca Balint said in a statement: “Earlier today I requested a meeting with Governor Phil Scott to discuss the Covid-19 infection numbers that were released today. I conveyed to his staff that it’s long past time for his administration to pivot in their approach to the pandemic. Four weeks ago I made the same request. We cannot afford to wait another day. The administration’s plan is not working. “Many Vermont families are at a breaking point; this surge in infections is crushing them. Staying the course on a failing strategy doesn’t make sense. We must be using every tool we have to help reduce the community spread of the disease. It isn’t too late to change course. “When things aren’t working, strong leaders do not stick their heads in the sand. They re-evaluate, pivot, and commit to a new path.” House Speaker Jill Krowinski said: “We are not talking about shutting down businesses or implementing travel restrictions. A statewide masking policy, reminding Vermonters of the effective ways that we can protect ourselves and others - like staying home when you are sick, and increasing the availability of testing are all ways we can bend the curve like we did in the beginning. The data presented at the most recent press conference shows that we are on track to have this level of community spread for the next four weeks, and it is unfathomable to me that nothing is being done to address this unprecedented spread of the virus in every county in the state. “The Governor has the power and authority to take immediate action, he has before, and I know he can do it again. This is not a political decision; this is a decision that should be made based on following the data and the science.” The Vermont Democratic Party joins Speaker Krowinski and Pro Tem Balint in the call for immediate action to protect our communities from the spread of Covid-19. Vermonters are depending on an end to this virus, and without leadership in the Governor’s office, the path looks bleak. We’ve seen what waiting can do. Governor Scott, it’s time to act.



Asha Carroll Communications Director Vermont Democratic Party (802) 391-4035

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