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127 Days: Milne Still Has No Position on Trump



Christina Amestoy, VDP Communications Director


127 Days: Milne Still Has No Position on Trump

September 30, 2016


Burlington, VT  After 127 days of his substance-free campaign, Mr. Milne may be the last person on earth who hasn’t figured out his position on Donald Trump’s fitness for the office of President of the United States.  As recently as yesterday, during his appearance on Republican radio host Mike Smith’s show, Mr. Milne refused to say whether he will support Mr. Trump for President.


Mr. Milne’s indecision comes as USA TODAY broke its 34-year-old policy of not weighing in on presidential campaigns and declaring Trump “unfit for the presidency.”


If Mr. Milne isn’t ready to announce his position on Mr. Trump’s candidacy, perhaps he’d be willing to depart from his substance free campaign to offer his opinions on the eight points the editorial board of the USA TODAY cited in their opposition to Trump.


Trump is erratic:  Do you believe Mr. Trump has the temperament to lead our country?  The USA TODAY editors noted he has shifted his position on 20 major issues.  Would you be willing to give your position on ANY 20 issues?            


Trump is ill-equipped to be commander in chief:  Do you believe Mr. Trump is fit to lead our military given the sheer number of former military leaders of both parties who oppose him?


Trump traffics in prejudice:  Do you support Mr. Trump’s views on “Mexicans, Muslims and migrants” as noted by the USA TODAY editors?


Trump’s business career is checkered: Do you believe Mr. Trump's business experience qualifies him for the presidency?  What are your views on practices of Mr. Trump that includes discrimination in housing rentals, six bankruptcies and misuse of his family’s charitable foundation?


Trump isn’t leveling with the American people:  Do you support Mr. Trump’s position that he cannot release his tax returns because they are being audited?  If Mr. Trump has not paid his taxes, as suggested, do you think that makes him "smart" and a good businessman?


Trump is reckless: Do you support Mr. Trump’s call to have Russian hackers interfere with American elections?  How do you respond to his statement that “Second Amendment People” can make sure the Democratic nominee doesn’t appoint liberal justices to the Supreme Court?


Trump has coarsened the national dialog:  Mr. Trump has attacked women, a Gold Star Family, a disabled reporter, immigrants and so many others.  Have you used your position as a US Senate candidate to condemn these attacks?  When will you?


Trump is a serial liar:  Do you believe it is an acceptable campaign strategy to use the Big Lie technique of “repeating it so often that people begin to believe it?”


After 127 days as a candidate, it is time for Mr. Milne to come clean about where he stands on Mr. Trump, and where he agrees or disagrees with Mr. Trump.



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