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36 Days Left In the Election Cycle, No Specifics from Scott



Christina Amestoy, VDP Communications Director


36 Days Left In the Election Cycle, No Specifics from Scott

October 3, 2016


Burlington, VT  With less than 40 days left in the election season and more than a year behind him, Phil Scott still hasn’t filled in the blanks he’s delivered on the campaign trail. Again and again, Scott’s “plans” have turned out to be empty offers and unanswered questions.


“Phil Scott has been in office for over 15 years - by now, he should have clear policy proposals for how to keep Vermont moving forward,” said Christina Amestoy, VDP spokesperson. “Instead his policies have been vague campaign slogans straight from a national Republican campaign. Even the few specific stats he could offer on capital gains, he immediately retracted because his campaign failed to research the numbers.”


In order to cut the budget, I will axe (#PhilintheBlank) programs that supports middle class Vermonters.


I will expand tax credits to corporations and the wealthy because I think it will stimulate economic growth.  It will cost the state (#PhilintheBlank) and be paid for by (#PhilintheBlank).


I will throw out Vermont Health connect and join (#PhilintheBlank).  It will cost Vermonters (#Philintheblank) and will kick (#PhilintheBlank) Vermonters off of their insurance.


“Leadership is understanding the issues and having already done your homework, not asking the state to press pause until you feel comfortable. Leadership is having a vision backed up by policy, not vague platitudes. Leadership is wanting to govern from day one, not hoping your advisors will fill in your policy gaps. Vermonters deserve a leader and Phil Scott needs to answer for his poor excuses for policy proposals.”


Phil Scott’s already had over a year to #PhilintheBlanks. Vermonters deserve better.



#PhilintheBlanks Word Box

Childcare Subsidies                                            

Ten of millions of dollars                                             

Vermont Commission on Women                     

19,000 Vermonters                                              

Middle-class Vermonters

Financial Aid

Affordable Housing Programs

$5 million annually




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