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7 Questions, 7 Days - Religious Freedom Laws



Christina Amestoy, VDP Communications Director


VDP Launches “7 Questions, 7 Days”

August 5, 2016: Do Phil Scott and Bruce Lisman support religious freedom laws backed in the national GOP platform?


Burlington, VT

Morning 3, Question 3:

Both Bruce Lisman and Phil Scott have remained quiet on many issues facing the LGBTQ community. So quiet that neither recognized the Orlando attack as an attack on the LGTBQ community. The Vermont GOP is also is silent on LGBTQ rights, apparently deeming the issues as just more “boutique issues” that didn’t make the cut for the party’s platform. But both the national party and the GOP VP nominee have been outspoken on the issues.


Would Bruce Lisman or Phil Scott support legislation similar to the First Amendment Defense Act the GOP supports or the RFRA act initially signed into law by Gov Pence?



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