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Kunin, Balint, and Krowinski call on Phil Scott to Push for Delay in Kavanaugh Vote



September 27, 2018



Senator Becca Balint

Representative Jill Krowinski 


Elected Officials Call on Phil Scott to Push for Delay in Kavanaugh Vote

Governor Scott should join other Republican Governors in request


Montpelier, VT - Today, former Vermont Governor Madeleine Kunin and House and Senate Majority Leaders, Representative Jill Krowinski and Senator Becca Balint, called on Governor Phil Scott to stand with other Republican governors who have demanded that the Brett Kavanaugh Supreme Court Nomination be delayed.

Larry Hogan of Maryland, Charlie Baker of Massachusetts and John Kasich of Ohio have all called for independent probes to investigate the three sexual assault allegations that have come to light since Kavanaugh was first nominated in July. Kunin, Balint, and Krowinski want Scott to call for similar action. They say Vermonters want a thorough investigation of Kavanaugh before any vote to confirm him for a lifetime appointment.

Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker was unequivocal on Twitter: "The accusations brought against Judge Kavanaugh are sickening and deserve an independent investigation. There should be no vote in the Senate."

Kunin, Balint, and Krowinski believe Scott should be equally direct and publicly call for a delay in the Senate Judiciary Committee vote. Krowinski said, “There has to be an independent investigation of these very serious allegations. And all available pressure should be applied.”

Balint agreed, “We need our governor to use his voice and the power of his office. I don’t believe justice will be served unless more people like Baker and Hogan stick their necks out.”

It was twenty-seven years ago that Vermont’s own Governor Madeleine Kunin testified at the Anita Hill hearings. “It is critical that the Senate delay this vote,” she added. “These victims must be heard. We must learn from history. The lessons of Anita Hill’s hearings cannot be ignored. We must respect victims’ rights to be heard.”

Governor Hogan was courageous and direct: “These are credible charges and big concerns. They need to be heard.”

Balint says that Scott should make a similar bold, strong statement: “Scott needs to stand with all the victims across Vermont who know just how much bravery it takes to speak out.”

Krowinski added, “Kavanaugh should have nothing to fear from a complete investigation. Let’s get to the truth. Scott should join his voice to those demanding the vote be delayed.”