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Phil Scott’s Fiscal Irresponsibility Threatens Vulnerable Populations



Christina Amestoy, VDP Communications Director


Phil Scott’s Fiscal Irresponsibility Threatens Vulnerable Populations

October 5, 2016


Burlington, VT  Phil Scott has left many holes in his campaign promises, but none as big as this question: who gets stuck with the bill for all his tax credits for corporations and the wealthy?


“Phil Scott has refused to be honest with Vermonters about what he would cut in order to pay for his tax credits for the wealthy and corporations,” said Christina Amestoy, VDP spokesperson. “His alarming proposal to cut 1% of the budget across the board without distinction threatens the vital programs that Vermont’s seniors, children, and families rely on.”


“Phil Scott’s ‘penny plan,’ similar to the plan we’ve heard from Donald Trump, threatens departments like DCF and programs like Medicaid, fuel assistance, and Meals on Wheels with crippling cuts. Moreover, House members of Scott’s own Republican Party have called for cuts to childcare for working mothers, opiate addiction programs, and student financial aid.”


“Scott’s record speaks for itself: he opposed increasing the minimum wage and opposed paid sick leave; he’s called for cuts in K-12 education funding and doesn’t have a plan to increase access to college or technical training. Until Phil Scott tells us what he’ll cut, we can only assume he’ll follow the Republican plan which will be devastating to middle-class families.”


“Phil Scott’s plan to slash the budget without concern for vital programs in order to support his trickle down economics is fiscally irresponsible. Vermonters need a governor who puts their needs first, not tax credits for corporations or the wealthy.”



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