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Phil Scott’s Refusal to Invest in Students Harms Our Economy



Christina Amestoy, VDP Communications Director


Phil Scott’s Refusal to Invest in Students Harms Our Economy

October 13, 2016


Burlington, VT Today, Representative Kesha Ram, Vermont business owners, and Vermont students discussed the importance of investing in the higher education and technical training of Vermont students, and highlighted the absence of education policy in the Phil Scott campaign. Instead of looking to invest in the future of our students, Phil Scott has focused on national Republican trickle-down economic policy.


“Investing in our students means investing in our economy,” said Representative Kesha Ram. “If we want to help raise our household incomes, attract employers, and prepare Vermont students for higher paying, high skilled jobs, then we need to invest in affordable higher education and technical training.”


“There is a clear choice this election between Sue Minter, who understands that access to affordable college and training for students will improve the economy for all Vermonters, and Phil Scott who doesn’t believe our students are worth the investment.”


Vermont students and business owners also spoke about the need for more affordable access.


“I am a first generation college student,” said Lizzie Haskell, a UVM student. “I have struggled to balance the hours I need to work to afford tuition and my academics. Being a successful college student is hard enough even without the cost - the current system we have makes it nearly impossible.”


“I had my eyes set on college from the first day of high school,” said Stanley Salley, a former VTC student. “I was accepted into Vermont Technical College where I worked hard to juggle my major in mechanical engineering and life as a collegiate student athlete. Within two years, I accumulated $35,000 in debt. I knew that I couldn’t afford to continue school and I did not return for my junior year. I’ve been working for a year now hoping to pay off my debt so I can return and finish college with a degree I am passionate about.”


“We need students to be prepared for the workplace and what jobs will be here in the future,” emphasized Matt Birong, owner of 3 Squares Cafe. “If we care about our kids, about our economy, and about our future, we will invest in affordable technical training programs and higher education.”


“Phil Scott has simply told Vermont students that he doesn’t believe that they are worth the investment. Instead he continues to push the national Republican agenda of tax credits for corporations and the wealthy” said Christina Amestoy, VDP Spokesperson. “We need a governor who wants an economy that works for all Vermonters, not just those at the top. For a candidate who claims to care about the economy, Phil Scott has a narrow view of who should benefit.”



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