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Phil Scott's Economic Plan Fails Middle-Class Vermonters



Christina Amestoy, VDP Communications Director


Phil Scott’s Economic Plan Fails Middle-Class Vermonters

September 15, 2016


Burlington, VT  Today, Phil Scott, unwilling to defend his Republican agenda, ducked the historic Tunbridge debate with Sue Minter. Instead, Phil Scott held a press conference to unveil his economic plan - a long list of national Republican platitudes that fails to deliver for Vermont’s working families.


“Today, Phil Scott completely ignored the vital policies that will truly support our middle class and strengthen Vermont’s economy,” said Christina Amestoy, VDP spokesperson. “In his entire 15,000 word brochure, Scott failed to mention a minimum wage increase, paid sick leave, paid family leave, plans to address climate change, support our clean energy and agricultural industries, or revitalizing our downtowns. Phil Scott’s plan would fit well with the national Republican platform but it ignores the key issues facing Vermonters.”


“In order for Vermont to continue to move forward, we need a governor who supports the policies that will lift up our Vermont families, help our economy adapt to a changing environment, and let our downtowns and villages thrive again. Phil Scott has repeatedly opposed these policies throughout his career and, today, made clear that he wouldn’t fight for them if elected.”


Leaders in Vermont’s businesses community also expressed the importance of the policies so absent in Phil Scott’s plan to promote economic growth:


“Ensuring that workers have both a decent wage and the ability to care for their loved ones following a birth or during an illness is simply the right thing to do for Vermonters, their families and our businesses, especially when considering the bottom line,” said Nicole Grenier owner of Stowe Street Cafe in Waterbury. “We have much to learn from other states here in the US and other countries who have already recognized the need for and the benefits of researching and implementing such policies. The time is long overdue for us to do what is right for Vermonters.”

Phil Scott has made his position clear. To him, fighting for hardworking Vermonters so they can make ends meet isn’t a priority.



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