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Scott Remains Quiet On Blind Trust Details



Christina Amestoy, VDP Communications Director


Scott Remains Quiet on Blind Trust Details

August 2, 2016


Burlington, VT  With only one week to go until Primary Day, voters are still in the dark over the details of the blind trust Lt. Gov. Phil Scott plans to put into place if elected. Despite assuring the public that he and his attorney have created a plan to counteract the potential conflict of interest created by his ownership stake in DuBois construction, Scott hasn’t released any plans.


Maybe he’s not a “plans” guy.


Here is what we know so far:

  • Phil Scott has promised to create a “blind trust” so that he is unaware of what state contracts DuBois Construction is bidding on. But that’s not a blind trust. Scott would still be completely aware of where his private profits were coming from and which policies could increase them while he collects a state salary.

  • Scott says only a small amount of work comes from state contracts, but DuBois Construction earns about 10% of its profits from state contracted work, being paid $2.657 million since becoming lieutenant governor in 2011.

  • A similar plan doesn’t seem to pass the sniff test on the national level. Donald Trump has announced his similar plans to put his businesses in a blind trust - a plan experts have called an “unprecedented ethical dilemma.”

  • Nearly 70% of voters believe that Trump should give up his business interests if elected.


So here are the questions we still have for Mr. Scott:

  • What are the details of of his blind trust plan?

  • Even if he is unaware of what contracts his company is bidding on, how can he ensure staff does not favor their boss’s company?

  • How can he ensure voters that his policy positions will not be affected by his personal profit interests in the construction industry?


Phil Scott claims he will have “nothing, absolutely nothing to do with it,” but we’d still like to hear some details just to be sure.   


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