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State Ethics Commission: Scott is Violating Ethics Code

State Ethics Commission: Scott is Violating Ethics Code
October 5, 2018
BURLINGTON, VT — According to the Vermont State Ethics Commission, Governor Phil Scott has violated the state’s Code of Ethics because of his continued financial ties to DuBois Construction — a company that frequently wins government contracts.
In the opinion, the Commission found: “[Scott] has a conflict of interest because he is financially intertwined as a creditor, who has an ongoing financial interest in a company that contracts with the State, which the public official as governor is the chief executive officer.”
"Years into people pointing out the clear conflict of interest with Phil Scott's relationship with DuBois Construction, he's still profiting off of state contracts through his relationship with the company,” stated Vermont Democratic Party coordinated campaign director, Rob Hipskind. He continued, "It’s no surprise that the state's ethics commission would find this betrayal of the public trust to be an obvious conflict of interest."
To quote Scott himself, we need someone who will “lead by example.”