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Tonight’s Forecast: Phil Scott Again Aligns Himself With National Republican Funders



Christina Amestoy, VDP Communications Director


Tonight’s Forecast: Phil Scott Again Aligns Himself With National Republican Funders

October 18, 2016


Burlington, VT Tonight marks the third major televised gubernatorial debate in Vermont. Yet again, Vermonters will see the clear contrast between Democratic Sue Minter who will continue to move our state forward and Republican Phil Scott whose national Republican policies will slam on the breaks in Vermont.


New campaign finance reports show that the Republican Governors Association – whose top donor is the Koch Brothers – has spent $1.8 million to support Scott’s campaign. On issue after issue, Scott has aligned with national Republican priorities.

“National Republican front groups are getting what they pay for in Phil Scott: a candidate whose policies belong with Washington Republicans not Vermont voters,”

said Christina Amestoy. “Tonight we expect to hear the same out-of-touch positions and vague promises that we’ve heard throughout this campaign from Phil Scott and national Republican leadership. It’s no wonder Phil Scott denied climate change, opposes paid leave, and is against raising the minimum wage.”


For an easy access, here is how Phil Scott measures up to his national Republican allies:


Budget Cuts

Phil Scott’s Record: Scott has promised to 1% across the board of Vermont’s state budget without an eye to vital programs. [] When pressed for specific programs he’d axe, Scott refuses to answer. Luckily, House Minority Leader Don Turner has given an idea of what he would cut -  childcare for working mothers, opiate addiction programs, and student financial aid. [VPR, 03/23/15]


Paul Ryan’s Record: Ryan’s budget cuts go right after vital programs that people across the country rely on like the ACA and food stamps program. His plan also defunds the EPA and ends Medicaid as we know it today. [The Fiscal Times, 03/15/16]


Donald Trump’s Record: Trump has also proposed cutting a penny from every dollar spent. The nonpartisan Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget calls these cuts “potentially drastic” and would hit health programs, education, the environment, public works, and energy the hardest. [PBS, 09/16/16]


Middle-Class Policies

Minimum Wage

Phil Scott’s Record: Scott refused to support Vermont’s working families and declared a $15 minimum wage a “mistake.” Instead he offered,  “I think that everyone should make more money in Vermont. I think that’s the end goal. How we get there gets kind of messy.’” [VTDigger, 6/28/16]


Paul Ryan’s Record: Ryan said that Washington, D.C.’s effort to increase their minimum wage to $15 would “do more harm than good, because what it does is it prices entry-level jobs away from people.” [NPR, 6/7/16]


Donald Trump’s Record: Trump has repeatedly shifted his position on wages, but when asked directly about New York’s attempt to establish a $15 minimum wage in November of 2015, Trump said he opposed it because “wages are too high.” [Washington Post, 8/3/16]


Paid Leave

Phil Scott’s Record: Scott ignored Vermont families in favor of their employers saying, “paid sick leave is something that I think would fall into that category of ‘we don’t need that right now.’ That would further burden many small businesses at this point.”[WPTZ, 12/3/15]


Paul Ryan’s Record: Paul Ryan voted against legislation that would have allowed federal employees to substitute up to four weeks of available paid leave to take parental leave. And he refused to sign onto a bill that guaranteed paid sick days to workers employed at businesses of 15 employees or more. [Politico, 10/21/15]


Donald Trump’s Record: Trump has offered up a plan for paid maternity leave, but his narrow definition excludes fathers, same-sex couples in which both partners are men, parents who adopt a child, unmarried parents, or single mothers. [NY Mag 9/21/16]. In addition, when asked about paid leave in October 2015, Trump responded that we need to be careful with it, because paid leave could impact our ability to remain competitive as a country. [NBC News, 05/26/16]


Climate Change

Phil Scott’s Record: Scott refused to admit climate change was predominantly man-made, claiming it could be caused by “many different reasons.” [VT PBS, 7/19/16] When he finally chose to pivot back to the center, he used the excuse, “I’m not a scientist” to explain his denial. [Seven Day, 08/24/16]


Paul Ryan’s Record: In a 2014 Election debate in his district, Ryan was asked if he thought climate change was caused by human activity. He responded, “I don’t know the answer to that question. I don’t think science does either.” He added that climate change proposals were cost prohibitive, and ignore that “we’ve had climate change forever.” [Associated Press, 10/14/14]


Donald Trump’s Record: In a tweet posted on November 6th, 2012, Trump stated that “The concept of global warming was created by and for the Chinese in order to make US manufacturing non-competitive.” [Washington Post, 09/27/16]

Furthermore, just this week, Trump’s campaign manager stated that Trump “believes global warming is naturally occurring.” [CNN, 09/27/16]


Women’s Economic Issues

Phil Scott’s Record: In his entire 15,000 word economic plan, Phil Scott did not refer to women’s economic issues once. He failed to talk about paid family leave, equal wages, or child care and has failed to champion these issues while in office. [Phil Scott’s Economic Plan]


Paul Ryan’s Record: Ryan voted against the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act of 2009, which was implemented to give women greater recourse when they’ve been subject to wage discrimination based on their gender. [, 01/09/09]


Donald Trump’s Record: When pressed on the issue of equal pay for men and women, Trump responded “You’re going to make the same if you do as good a job.” [Time, 08/05/16] Trump has also indicated in the past that he believes that pregnancy is “certainly an inconvenience for a business.” [NBC News, 05/26/16]


Trickle Down Economics:

Phil Scott’s Plan: “My goal will be to lower personal and corporate income tax rates incrementally as spending becomes more sustainable and the economy grows…”[Phil Scott’s Comprehensive Blueprint for Economic Growth, 9/15/16]


US House GOP Plan: “This Blueprint will lower the corporate tax rate to a flat rate of 20 percent. This represents the largest corporate tax rate cut in U.S. history. […] This Blueprint will reduce the corporate tax rate by 43 percent (15 percentage points). […] This dramatic reduction in the corporate tax rate will mean a dramatic reduction in the drag on American economic growth that results from the corporate income tax. (For further discussion, see the Appendix.)” [A Better Way, 6/24/16]


Donald Trump’s Plan: “Under my plan, I'll be reducing taxes tremendously, from 35 percent to 15 percent for companies, small and big businesses. That's going to be a job creator like we haven't seen since Ronald Reagan. It's going to be a beautiful thing to watch.” [NBC Presidential Debate, 9/26/16]



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