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Top Takeaways From The Valley News Interview With Scott Milne



Christina Amestoy, VDP Communications Director


Top Takeaways From The Valley News Interview With Scott Milne   

October 18, 2016


Burlington, VT Since entering the race on May 26, Republican Candidate for the US Senate Scott Milne has managed to run a substance free and 100 percent negative campaign for almost all of his 146 day campaign against Senator Patrick Leahy.  Milne even began lobbing negative attacks against the highly regarded Vermont Democrat weeks before he officially declared his candidacy.  


On September 08, Mr. Milne could not answer why he did not provide his stance on any issue on his website when asked by sixth, seventh, and eighth graders at the Washington Village School. It took until October, with only days to go before the election, for Mr. Milne to give any hint on where he stands. In fact, it took him 136 days to even give his position on his ticket mate and standard bearer of his own party, Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump.


In an interview with the Valley News, voters were given a few details about where Mr. Milne stands.  But, here are the top takeaways from his Valley News interview.


Scott Milne, New Hampshire Businessman.  The Valley News article notes that Mr. Milne often works in New Hampshire.  This may explain why one of his many corporate contributions in 2014 came from Milne Travel in Lebanon, New Hampshire.


Milne bothered by David Duke but not by Donald Trump.  Scott Milne said, “The thing that bothered me the most was when he pretended he didn’t know who David Duke and the KKK were.” While this may have bothered Mr. Milne it didn’t bother him enough to announce he wouldn’t support him.  In fact, it was only 11 days ago when Mr. Milne finally told voters he would not vote for Mr. Trump.


Milne bothered by Donald Trump but makes no mention of his treatment of women.  By saying “The thing that bothered me the most was when he pretended he didn’t know who David Duke and the KKK were,” Mr. Milne makes no mention of Mr. Trump’s endless list of attacks, especially those on women.  In fact, when he was first asked about Mr. Trump’s comments about sexual harassment of women, Mr. Milne initially said it still didn’t help him decide if he would vote for Trump.


Milne is not truthful about his views on Trump.  Mr. Milne said, “I’ve been very clear that I’m not supporting Mr.Trump all along.”  False.  Extensive coverage has been given to Mr. Milne’s unwillingness to state his position on Mr. Trump.  It was only after 136 as a candidate that Mr. Milne said he would not vote for Mr. Trump. During those 136 days, Mr. Trump publicly attacked Muslims, immigrants, Gold Star Families, veterans, and women.


Milne backtracks on negative attacks on Senator Leahy.  While running a 100 percent negative campaign, Mr. Milne has repeatedly made false and unsubstantiated claims about Senator Leahy.  He was forced to acknowledge his complete lack of evidence by saying, “Saying that there’s a direct tie between him and a donation and a special interest vote, I think is an indictable offense, so I’m not saying that.”


Milne Flip Flops on standing up against Republicans.  Mr. Milne attempts to portray himself as an independent thinker who will stand up to his Party, saying, “I’ll be happy to go against the Republican Party.” However, when asked who he would vote for to lead the Senate were he the deciding vote, Mr. Milne said he would keep the Republicans in control by voting for Republican Mitch McConnell.


Milne is a Republican because it’s politically convenient.  After repeated failed attempts to portray himself as an independent while attacking his opponent as a partisan, Mr. Milne acknowledges he is running as a Republican just to get himself elected.  Mr. Milne said he is running as a Republican rather than an Independent like Jim Jeffords because that’s “the best chance of winning.”



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