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VDP Calls on Phil Scott to Completely Address Conflict of Interest



Christina Amestoy, VDP Communications Director


VDP Calls on Phil Scott to Completely Address Conflict of Interest

September 23, 2016


Burlington, VT  Today, Vermont Democratic Party Executive Director Conor Casey and Representative Willem Jewett called on Phil Scott to completely address his conflict of interest between his executive duties if elected governor and his personal finance interests tied up DuBois Construction tomorrow during his remarks.


If elected, Scott and his company could benefit from state program or budget allocations that Scott promotes as governor, receive preferential treatment during contract procurement processes, or receive advance notice of upcoming contracts.


Separating himself from the day-to-day business of DuBois Construction will not be enough.


Their request is below.


“Dear Lt. Gov. Scott,


It has been over a year since you announced that you would release a plan addressing the conflict of interest between your executive duties if elected and your ownership share in DuBois. Vermont voters are still waiting.


Today, we call on you to offer complete assurance to Vermont voters that there will be no conflict of interest if you are elected governor. Simply removing yourself from the day-to-day business of the company, as you’ve suggested before, will not go far enough. To prevent any conflict or perceived conflict, we call on you to take concrete steps that, at a minimum, address the following:


  • VT Dept of Human Resources personnel policy 11.5 that precludes any classified state employees from having “any personal interest in any business transactions within their area of influence in State Government.”

  • Executive Order 09-11 code of ethics which states “no Full-Time appointee shall be the owner of, or financially interest in directly or indirectly, in any private entity or private interest that is subject to the direct supervision of his or her department or agency.”

  • US Code of Federal Regulation (5 CFR 2634) that indicates that, “conflicted assets that are transferred into qualified blind trusts do not lose their taint and are still subject to conflict of interest restrictions until they are sold, because the government official who has contributed those assets to the trust still has sufficient knowledge of the assets to create possible conflicts with official duties.”

It is our belief that only a complete separation of your financial interests from DuBois Construction or a pledge that DuBois Construction will not receive state contracts while you are in office meets these requirements.


Vermonters deserve to know that their interests will always come first, not those of personal finances or business. You left them without an answer when they went to the polls in August and even now as early voting starts, they’re still waiting. Vermonters deserve to know.



Conor Casey, VDP Executive Director

Rep Willem Jewett, Addison 2



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