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VDP Launches 7 Questions, 7 Days: Trump Attacks on Khan Family



Christina Amestoy, VDP Communications Director


VDP Launches “7 Questions, 7 Days”

August 4, 2016: Will Phil Scott, Bruce Lisman, and VTGOP Speak Out Against Trump’s Attacks on the Khan Family?


Burlington, VT  With less than a week remaining in Vermont’s primary season there are still a lot of unanswered questions over Bruce Lisman’s and Phil Scott’s positions, and how the Vermont Republican Party will conduct itself throughout the campaign. So we are going to ask a question every morning until polls close. While we could easily come up with more than seven, this is a start.


Morning 1, Question 1:

Even as prominent Republicans like Senator John McCain finally agree that Trump has crossed the line with his attack on the Khan family, Vermont’s GOP gubernatorial candidates and the Vermont Republican Party remain silent.  


Following Donald Trump’s outrageous comments attacking this Gold Star Family, will Phil Scott, Bruce Lisman, and the Vermont Republican Party speak out?



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