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VDP Seeks Comments on 2016 Delegate Selection Plan


MONTPELIER – The Vermont Democratic Party is seeking public comment on its draft delegate selection plan for the Democratic National Convention. The Convention will be held in Philadelphia, PA in July of 2016.

The draft plan is available to the public for comment for the next 30 days on the VDP’s website at Comments can be emailed to or mailed to Vermont Democratic Party, PO Box 1220, Montpelier, VT, 05601. Public comment closes on May 6th at 5 PM.

The proposal would schedule VDP’s Post-Presidential Primary Town Caucuses for March 26, 2016 and would call for the Vermont State Democratic Convention for Saturday, May 21, 2016. At that time, National Convention district level delegates will be chosen.

“We are very excited to begin preparation for next year’s Convention in Philadelphia. This public comment period is a great chance to get valuable input for an open and inclusive delegate selection process and we are hoping for a high level of participation from Vermont Democrats,” said VDP Chair, Dottie Deans.

Summary of Delegation and Dates:

Total number of Delegates: 23

Total number of Alternates: 2

Type of System: Primary

Number of District-Level Delegates: 13

Date of selection of District-Level Delegates: May 21, 2016

Number of Pledged PLEO Delegates: 2

Date of Selection of Pledged PLEO Delegates: June 11, 2016

Number of At-Large Delegates: 3

Date of Selection of At-Large Delegates: June 11, 2016

Number of At-Large Alternates: 2

Date of Selection of At-Large Alternates: June 11, 2016

Number of Standing Committee Members: 3

Number of Convention Pages: 2