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VDP Statement on Bruce Lisman's Budget Response


Christina Amestoy

Vermont Democratic Party Communications Director



January 25, 2016


Vermont Democratic Party statement on Bruce Lisman’s Budget Response


“We’re used to hearing Republicans claim they support working families without ever offering up any proof. But even this common claim sounds particularly empty when it’s coming from someone who made his money on Wall Street. It seems that former Bear Stearns executive, Bruce Lisman, is confused about who makes up our workforce.


The Governor’s plans to increase the registration fee on mutual funds, currently the lowest in New England, doesn’t hurt working families, it invests in them. By making Wall Street corporations pay a little more, every child born in Vermont will have a $250 saving account to help prepare them for college and give them better chance at a secure future. This will come as a welcome relief to Vermont college students, 65% of whom will graduate with $29,060 in debt. It will come as an even bigger relief to those who cannot afford a higher education at all.


If Lisman thinks more Vermonters are worried about mutual funds than their children’s education, he doesn’t understand Vermont priorities. Mr. Lisman may have retired from Wall Street, but it's clear his loyalties still remain with big business, not working families.”



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