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VDP Statement on Earned Sick Leave


Christina Amestoy

Vermont Democratic Party Communications Director



January 22, 2016


Vermont Democratic Party statement on Phil Scott’s Refusal to Support Vermont Workers


As Vermonters, we come together when someone in our community needs a hand. It’s just what we do. Because it’s common sense that our communities are strongest when everyone is on their feet. But Lt. Gov. Phil Scott seems to disagree.


It’s this Vermont value that’s at the core of our support for earned sick leave. We believe working Vermonters should have the helping hand they deserve if they, or a loved one falls ill. Because no Vermonter should have choose between taking steps to get better and a paycheck. And no employer should worry about maintaining a healthy and safe workplace.


But Phil Scott doesn’t get that. Instead, he thinks it’s right to ignore the uncertainty that our workers currently face.  Calling the proposal for two earned sick days a year unnecessary, Scott has turned his back on average Vermonters to take a stance that puts him in line with national Republicans like Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio. He’s even isolated himself from Vermont businesses that have come out in support of the proposal and their employees.


Phil Scott is standing with his big donors instead of hard working Vermonters on earned sick leave. His refusal to value our workers shows that he’s just another politician who’s wrong for Vermont.




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