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Vermont Republicans Continue to Distort Positive Economic News


Ben Sarle - Director of Communications & Outreach



Vermont Republicans Continue to Distort Positive Economic News

MONTPELIER - Last week, the Vermont Department of Labor released its revisions of 2014 employment data, which brought good news about the recovery of the Vermont economy.  As VPR reported:

"The revised data . . . showed Vermont is reaching new milestones in its recovery from the recession," with several months of employment at levels better than before the recession hit. 

The Department of Labor also noted that job creation was stronger in 2014 than initially reported, stating "[t]he increasing numbers of economic opportunities in Vermont and nationally will provide the fuel to keep the economy growing." 

According to the Vermont Department of Labor, about 3,000 jobs were created in 2014, most of them in the private sector. Commenting on the smaller workforce in 2014, the Labor Department noted that Vermonters who had to put off retirement or more schooling during the economic downturn now are able to free themselves for those decisions.

Somehow, the VT GOP missed all of this good news, instead, falsely characterizing the Department of Labor data as proof the Vermont economy is "still not growing."  

Vermont Democrats continue to strongly support policies that are digging Vermont out of the Great Recession, growing jobs, increasing wages, training our workforce for 21st century jobs, and supporting better education from the early years through college and beyond for all Vermonters.  Our Democrats are working hard to move our state through a tough time. The last thing we need is a VTGOP that wants to see us fail.

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