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Vermont Women Call on VTGOP to Denounce Recent Statements Defending Trump’s 2005 Comments



Christina Amestoy, VDP Communications Director


In Open Letter, Vermont Women Call on VTGOP to Denounce Recent Statements Defending Trump’s 2005 Comments

October 15, 2016


To the Vermont Republican Party and its candidates,


Donald Trump’s recently aired 2005 comments about forcing himself on women are disgusting and unacceptable. Period. They are unacceptable whether or not they were said behind closed doors and they are unacceptable whether or not the man who said them is running to become our next president. To try and argue otherwise is to stand with Trump in treating women as objects or second-class citizens and normalizing sexual assault.


We were angered to read that members of the VTGOP, both a legislative leader and a county chair, did just that. Today, we ask the VTGOP and its candidates to respond to these comments.


Representative Savage dismissed Trump’s quote with a chuckle, telling a reporter, “We've probably said similar things in our lifetime, you and I. It's just that the microphone probably wasn't on."


Addison County Chair, Jon Christiano offered, “You're a guy. So am I. We've probably all said similar things. There just wasn't a camera on at the time."


These excuses fall right in line with Trump’s very own dismissive line - it was just “locker room talk.”


No, it’s not. These are not just words- this is sexual assault. The comments and the excuses we have heard from Trump and these Vermont Republicans condone a culture where women are presented as objects to be be disrespected and dominated. We cannot continue to let these sexist, insulting remarks slip by under the facile excuse of “boys being boys.” To quote Michelle Obama, “to dismiss this as ‘every day locker room talk’ is an insult to decent men everywhere.”


We are not objects or second-class citizens, and we will not stand by and be treated as such. We respectfully ask the VTGOP to stand with us and denounce the insulting, dismissive comments delivered by Representative Savage and Addison County Chair Christiano.




Dottie Deans

Marie Ricketts

Sue Minter

Kesha Ram

Ruth Hardy

Billi Gosh

Sarah Copeland Hanzas

Amanda McKay

Anne Lezak

Amelia Silver

Selene Colburn

Joan Lenes

Liz Schlegel

Laurie Childers

Kristina MacKulin

Diana Raphael

Becca Balint

Emily Carson

Julia Barnes

Mary Sullivan

Mollie Hart

Rosalie Fox

Judy Bevans

Fauna Hurley

Ellen Lovell

Molly Ritner

Krista Harness

Nicole Bova

Christina Amestoy

Kathy Romans Hall

Judy Kelly

Sian Leach

Sarah Buxton

Selene Hofer-Shall

Natalie Silver

Maritza Kompatzki

Maggie Lenz-McQuilken

Molly Bisulca

Annie Mendes

Susan Amestoy

Katherine Levasseur

Carmen Scoles

Melissa Sheffer




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