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What’s in Phil Scott’s Housing Plan? Tax Credits for the Construction Industry



Christina Amestoy, VDP Communications Director


What’s in Phil Scott’s Housing Plan? Tax Credits for the Construction Industry

October 7, 2016


Burlington, VT Phil Scott’s proposal to increase affordable housing in Vermont is just one more promise filled with tax credits to corporations without an explanation of what the cost or source of revenue will be.


“All of Phil Scott’s plans have one thing in common: tax credits to corporations while forcing middle-class families to bear the cost. His housing platform is no different,” said Christina Amestoy, VDP spokesperson. “Scott’s promise to encourage new housing by offering breaks to developers seems to be more like a plan to benefit the construction and real estate sectors than a plan to increase affordable housing for Vermonters.”


“We need to focus on creating vibrant communities and town centers, not development sprawls that increase reliance on driving. Investing in our housing and infrastructure in our downtowns will not only encourage economic growth, it will help build the communities that are attractive to young Vermonters and families alike.”


“Pushing tax credits and breaks without a way to pay for them is fiscally irresponsible and pushing development without an eye toward community building threatens the Vermont we know and love. We need a governor who is willing to invest in Vermont - our towns, our infrastructure, our people - not one who puts tax breaks for corporations first.”



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