MONTPELIER, VT — The Vermont Democratic Party, during the 2019 reorganization process, has organized over 180 town/cities across all 14 counties in the state. The VDP has organized approximately 125 more town caucuses than the Vermont Progressive Party and nearly 100 more than the Vermont Republican Party.

“We have put together a strong organizing program, harnessing Democratic enthusiasm ahead of the 2020 election cycle and enthusiasm for the Democratic agenda both nationally and here in Vermont,” said R. Christopher Di Mezzo, director of communications and outreach for the VDP. “What we’re finding across the state is that people are showing up, ready to get to work.”

Also in late-summer, the Vermont Democratic Party brought on another full-time staffer — its new executive director, Scott McNeil, who previously served in the same role for the North Dakota Democratic Party — and an additional part-time staffer to manage the Party’s voter database.

Di Mezzo continued: “Heading into the 2020 election cycle, the Vermont Democratic Party stands on strong footing. The Party remains committed to growing our organization from the grassroots level, adding seats to our House and Senate majorities, and sending Phil Scott to an early retirement.”